Flite Test – Plane Retrieval – FLITE TIP

September 2, 2011

Have you ever flown your RC plane right into a tree? Or onto a roof? Well… we have. And in this episode, we will show you the many different ways of retrieving your planes… as “safely” as possible. See where the Cessna is now: www.youtube.com

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Fatal Plane Crash in Adams County Colorado

August 28, 2011


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Po taking off in Cessna 185 float plane

June 25, 2011

Talkeetna Alaska Sept 6 2010 He left flaps down, good thing its powerful enough that it didn’t matter =)

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R/C Plane Great Planes Cessna 182 40 Size

April 17, 2011

Great Planes Cessna 182 powered by all Futaba equipment and OS 61 Four Stroke. Plane is Owned and Piloted by James and she flys great.

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Float Plane Tours of the Okanagan

November 15, 2010

Float plane tours of the Okanagan from $99 per person right from the beautiful waterfront. * I find it troubling that pilots who have the responsibility for many lives are paid so little while many entertainers and sports athletes make millions of dollars.

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New York Plane Crash Flight Instructor Tyler Stanger Memory

September 6, 2010

Tyler Chase Stanger was the the flight instructor of the New York plane crash with Cory Lidle. It deeply dissappointed me when I typed in “Cory Lidle” and hundreds of tribute dedication videos came up. Yet when I typed in “Tyler Stanger”, my search beared no results. 🙁 This video is dedicated to him, his wife, Stephanie(my sister), his daughter, Ashlund, his son, Powell, and his mourning family. If you would like to find out more information on Tyler Stanger, go to stangers.us Don’t worry, no pop-ups or spyware. Now here’s a biography quoted from stangers.us: Friendships were important to Tyler. Cory Lidle was one of those special people to him. Anyone in Tyler’s circle of friends knew there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for them or with them. Cory would call Tyler in the middle of the night for answers to the questions on his ground school portion of his flight training. Tyler was happy to get up and come to the phone and teach him in the middle of the night. They traveled together from time to time and their wives became fast friends. Tyler, Stephanie and Ashlund had traveled to New York City to vacation together with Cory and his family. Stephanie shares that they had a marvelous time together and Cory saw a lot of New York that he was unable to see during the baseball season. Tyler also had a Pilatus flight to Ogden, Utah the week before where he had dinner and visited with his brothers, sister and grandparents in Utah. It will remain a special time to remember as

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FOX NEWS Cessna plane with landing gear problems in California….. Aterrizaje forzoso

August 3, 2010

cessna plane with landing gear problems…. emergency landing succesfully at the end

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Kerry Simmons AKA Posh, flying a Cessna 150 plane

June 4, 2010

Kerry Simmons from Worthing near Brighton flying a Cessna 150 for the first time. She is well known in the South as Posh.

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38″ Wingspan 4ch Rc Cessna Plane

May 6, 2010

  • Equipped with a Full Function Radio Controlled Standard 4 Channel Radio System
  • Super Tough, Lightweight Airframe
  • All Molded Plastic and Foam Construction
  • Fabricated by Accurate Molds with High Fidelity of Real Airplane
  • Wingspan: 38.583″

Product Description
Full Function Radio Controlled
Equipped with Standard 4 Channel Radio System
Super Tough, Lightweight Airframe
All Molded Plastic and Foam Construction
Fabricated by Accurate Molds with High Fidelity of Real Airplane
PoweEasy to Assemble
Wingspan: 38.583″
Length: 30″
Flight weight: 4400g
Maximum Operating Range: 300 meters
Operating time approximately 10 minutes supply uses high-speed motor.
With Expert-Designed Propellers
Power by Electric 370A motor
F… More >>

38″ Wingspan 4ch Rc Cessna Plane

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Cessna 182 Large Scale RTF Electric RC Plane, Brand New!

April 15, 2010

  • Large 1/5 Scale
  • 100% Scale Features and Appearance
  • Steerable Nose Gear
  • 14.8 Volt 4 Cell Lipoly Battery
  • 950kv Large Brushless Motor

Product Description
The Cessna 182 Large 1/5 Scale is our largest electric ready to fly RC plane ever released to date. Wingspan is a whopping 59 inches ! Powered by a huge 950 kv brushless motor and scale tri-bladed propeller for maximum thrust in all maneuvers. Features a servo controlled and streer-able nose wheel for precise ground control for easy take off and landings. Comes standard with a massive 2200 mah 14.8 volt 4 cell Li-poly battery with an A/C peak detection wall charger…. More >>

Cessna 182 Large Scale RTF Electric RC Plane, Brand New!

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