Los Angeles Helicopters – Long Line Training

October 12, 2008

Los Angeles Helicopters conducts a 20 hour vertical reference and 200′ steel long line training course from its facilities at the Long Beach airport and other locations. This video is of the first day of a ten day course. The course begins with pilots learning to fly the aircraft from the left seat while leaning far out of the aircraft, looking rearward (and down) and using the intersection of the rear cross tube and skid as reference — not sitting up and referencing the horizon like originally trained. This training is in preparation for the real-world utility helicopter industry where landing the aircraft in the wilderness on makeshift crisscrossed heliports made usually from logs.

Los Angeles Helicopters™ services include part 141 helicopter flight training lessons at our FAA accredited flight training school, helicopter tours and part 135 charters, production services, sales and service for buying, selling, maintaining and overhauling new and used helicopters. Los Angeles Helicopters is an appointed Robinson Helicopter Company dealer, service and overhaul center.

Duration : 0:2:27


2 Responses to “Los Angeles Helicopters – Long Line Training”

  1. Mockeraina on October 12th, 2008 7:20 am

    Nice video, can’t …
    Nice video, can’t wait to go to school for flying, one year left! till Collage! Whats the name of this song by the way?

  2. eaglehawkventures on October 12th, 2008 7:20 am

    You have to do this …
    You have to do this course! I can’t believe how much fun it was. The first few hours of vertical reference were like leaning to fly all over again. There is nothing more satisfying than flying a good hook shot!

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