Why do the fuel tanks on a Cessna 150 have different types of vents?

November 7, 2008

On a C150, one is vented through the cap, the other tank is vented underneath with a small pipe.



Actually, they are both vented through the small pipe underneath the left wing (there is a vent pipe which connects the two tanks together) and both fuel caps should be vented as well to provide backup ventilation.

Because the main vent is closer to the left tank on light Cessnas, they tend to burn fuel from the left tank faster.

Do you think small planes like the Cessna should not use jet liner airports?

November 7, 2008

i was reading about different plane accidents between small planes and airliner planes (the big ones not the express ones).

most of these accidents either happened on the runway or during landing.

it just seems like the small planes should either have their own side of the airport where they can take off and land or they just need to use regional airports and not international/domestic airports where the bigger planes are.

what do you think?
well i hope those inexperienced atc people are not gonna be there august 12th cause i go home that day and i dont want to die (major fear of flying).

I would answer no, because I believe the problem has already been solved in a variety of different ways.

First of all, most of the airspace around air carrier airports is either under positive control or positive radio communication. No little Cessna's are running around not talking to ATC. The busiest air carrier airports are surrounded by class B airspace, which means you need ATC permission to enter.

Air carrier airports often charge significant landing fees to discourage light aircraft from using them.

Together, this results in fewer general aviation aircraft using air carrier airports and positive control of those who do.

In addition, most busy air carrier airports do have a shorter, general aviation runway available for small aircraft to keep them away from the busier runway(s).

The real problem with near misses is the lack of experienced air traffic controllers. Inexperienced controllers will start becoming the norm and experienced controllers will be fatigued and overworked with 6 days weeks and 10 hour days becoming common.

These problems are real and coming to an airport near you soon.

I am not here to try to freak anybody out. I am here to tell the truth. Read here for some background:


Why is the yoke on a cessna 152 a two handle type and on a fighter plane one handled?

November 7, 2008

I appreciate that these planes are leagues apart but why aren't all yoke one handed?

Because having a yoke in a Cessna that looks sort of like a steering wheel helps noob pilots get the point that a plane's rudder is NOT used for steering, it's ailerons are.

By the way, the elevators don't make you go up and down either so much as they cause you to slow or speed up by changing you angle of attack.

If you're not a pilot but want to be one some day or are just interested in how an airplane is flown, read the book I linked below. Even though it was written in 1944, it still applies to every small plane flying today.

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November 7, 2008

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iTowBot with Cessna 421

November 7, 2008

The amazing iTowBot maneuvers a twin Cessna 421 with ease.

Duration : 0:2:22

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