What's it like to fly in a Cessna Caravan airplane?

November 20, 2008

I'll be flying on a single prop. Cessna Caravan airplane in New Zealand in a couple of weeks and am wondering what it's like? How much turbulence do you feel? Is it scary?

Not scary, turbulance depends on the day and how high you are flying. If you are doing a scenic tour in one of those you're probably going to be travelling at a lower altitude. You MAY experience some turbulance but it's really not bad.
Unlike one of the more idiotic things I've heard today, you will not be flying in a "coffee can". It's a solid plane, and not exactly the tiniest of Cessnas.

Our skydiving crew used to jump out of one all the time. I rode in it a few times and it was a nice ride.

Furthermore, remember that if a plane loses power for any reason, it's a GLIDER…not a rock. Caravan's have a pretty decent wingspan and have what it takes to get you back on land safely should anything happen.

Be excited, not nervous.