University of Cincinnati Professional Pilot Training

November 17, 2008

Sportys Academy, in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati, offers a two-year professional pilot program. The program caters to those who aspire to be aviation professionals. The Professional Pilot Program combines two years of college general studies with flight training, which leads to the issuance of the FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with an Instrument Rating. Along with the FAA qualifications, students also receive an ociate of Applied Science degree in Aviation Technology from the University of Cincinnati.

Academic Classes are conducted at The University of Cincinnati while the flight training takes place at the Clermont County/Sportys Airport. Sportys Academy is responsible for teaching the aviation classes and conducting all flight training in our FAA Part 141 approved Flight School. Sportys supplies the University with training aircraft and simulators, flight instructors, classrooms, and an Aviation Professor.

After completing an ociate Degree, students are eligible to continue their education for an additional two years and obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from U.C.s College of Business Administration. Qualified students who graduate from the aviation program often work as flight instructors at Sportys Academy while they are still attending classes.

At Sportys, we are proud of our relationship with The University of Cincinnati in educating the aviation professionals of tomorrow. We are confident our graduates will have the knowledge and skill necessary to prosper in the aviation career of their choice.

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