CrownAir’s “New” Cessna 210 Centurions

January 6, 2009

CrownAir makes Cessna 210 Centurions new again. The company modernizes the old aircraft, upgrading its oxygen system, its avionics, its internal airflow and more…


Duration : 0:4:41


2 Responses to “CrownAir’s “New” Cessna 210 Centurions”

  1. AVweb on January 6th, 2009 7:41 am

    Please click on ” …
    Please click on “more info” near the AVweb logo toward the upper left of this page. You’ll find a direct link to CrownAir, there.

  2. CGFTT on January 6th, 2009 7:41 am

    Great, where can I …
    Great, where can I buy one?

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