Las Vegas Skydiving – Tandem Jumps In The Desert

February 10, 2009

The thrill of Las Vegas lies not only in its casinos and desert but meters up in the sky as you skydive your way into one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Some of Las Vegas’ extreme sports centers offer tandem jumps and accelerated free fall (AFF). Enjoy the sights of the Las Vegas Strip. Mount Charleston. Red Rock Canyon as you get ready for the ride of your life. Freefall for over 60 seconds and then a 5-7 minute parachute descent is enough to leave you asking for more.

Las Vegas Skydiving Center
The Las Vegas Skydiving Center offers individuals above the age of 18 and in good physical condition a chance to do tandem jumps with a trained jumpmaster. After some basic training you will gear up and fly up to an altitude of almost 2 miles and freefall for almost a minute at 120 mph and then smoothly descend to the earth in your square parachute. With more than 14.000 jumps the chief instructor at Las Vegas Skydiving Center is the most experienced skydiver in Nevada. For jumpers who want to take on more serious skydiving on offer is the accelerated freefall or AFF program. This is basically a 7 jump course that is followed by solo skydiving!

Programs and Prices
Tandem jumps cost $185. but look out for discounts during special seasons such as the early fall sales event. A deposit of $29.75 is required in advance. Advanced Free Fall Programs (AFF) begin at $99 for ground school and $224 per level of program. After you graduate and are ready to jump solo you can continue doing so at the Las Vegas Skydiving Center where you will be able to rent equipment and get coaching classes to refine your skydiving technique.

Skydive Las Vegas
Located Southeast of Las Vegas at 1401 Airport Road. Boulder City. Skydive Las Vegas is an extreme sports center that has permission to land parachutes in the Boulder City Airport. Fly up to the drop zone in a Cessna P206 or a Cessna Super-Turbine Caravan. At $249 a tandem jump from 15.000 ft. you will discover the joy and freedom of skydiving. A $50 per person is required as an advance. There are discounted prices offered at different times of the year and worth considering. Also consider taking home digital photographs or a video to remember the experience of a lifetime. Drive down to the airport by yourself or make advance reservation and get a shuttle van pick up from a central site on the Strip. The shuttle van will also drop you back to the pick up point.



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