Private Pilot License – Flight Test Preparation Costs

February 26, 2009

The flight test preparation of your training is the finish up part of your training where you will get prepared for the flight test. Now the one thing that you want to keep in mind is, if you have been going at a steady pace through your Private Pilot Training this phase will be just getting everything up to the practical test standards. If you have been starting and stopping, make sure you get some time in your schedule to get proficient.

If you have gotten all your cross countries done and waited two months, guess what, it is going to take more flights to get you up to speed. So you can see how having all of this planned out from the beginning can really benefit you.

You want to be proficient for the flight test, if you can continuously fly from the beginning, this is going to be much easier. This is why I am training students 4 times per week now. I remember one of my students last year came within $300 or so of my cost estimate. He was done in about 8 weeks since the thanksgiving holiday week was at the end of his training. This is pretty good and the student was VERY happy.If there had not been a holiday at the end of his training he would have been done in 6 1/2 weeks.

Here I add all of the left over solo time since most people end up getting it at the end for practice before the flight test. You are going to want to get out there by yourself before your flight test.

The requirement by the FAA is 3 Hours within 60 days of the flight test. I find that I am still doing about 4-6 hours with the students and 7-10 hours of ground instruction on average. If you are on track and have been studying hard, you can get done close to the hours I list below.

I use rates of $120 Per Hour for the airplane and $45 Per hour For the Instructor. I also use an examiner fee of $400.00.

Private Pilot License Flight Test Preparation Cost

3 Hours Dual Instruction @ $165 Per Hour

5 Hours Ground Instruction @ $45 Per hour ( Flight Instructor )

10 Hours of Solo Flight Time @ $120 Per Hour

Flight Test Examiner Fee

Flight test (airplane)

3 Hours Dual Instruction $825.00

5 Hours Ground Instruction $225.00

7.5 Hours of Solo Flight Time $900.00

Flight Test Examiner Fee $400.00

Flight Test (airplane) $180.00

Total # 4 $2,530.00

Now this is realistic if you have been training consistently. If you have started and stopped for some reason, make sure you can do the solo cross country phase and then jump right into the Private Pilot License Flight Test Preparation.

At the end of your training is where you will want to be 100% confident in your flying. If you don’t fee confident in one or more of the areas of opperation in the practical test standards, don’t go up for the flight test.

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