Becoming A Helicopter Pilot – Tips In Choosing A Training School

March 2, 2009

Helicopter training is your gateway to becoming a helicopter pilot (helicopter license is the key). This is why you should carefully plan that whole process of enrolling and getting the license. To help you out on this, here are the important things you must know.

Among all the important things you should do, planning your finances should be on the top of your list. Take note that the whole helicopter training course is expensive and involves a long time commitment. Indulge only to this commitment if you can pay the training from start to finish. If you think you cannot make it through, there are several financial aids that would lessen the financial burden you carry. Some training schools also have special payment schemes that you can take advantage of in order to get through the training.

Believe it or not, many aspire to become a helicopter pilot but few only make it to become one. One reason is that these people are not physically fit to fly a helicopter. It may be because of physical disability. It may also because they are not prepared mentally. Both these factors could cost the dream of flying to remain a dream. Another reason is that some are not into the noise and the vibration of the helicopter (this is much like the people who want to ride an airplane but are scared of flying). If you really want to enroll at a helicopter training school, make sure you are physically and mentally ready.

In choosing the helicopter training school, you should consider the location and cost of the training. Since not all states have helicopter training school, enrolling yourself at a training school could mean relocating. Now, the cost of relocation is too much. This means an added cost to the training fee. Some schools include accommodation while you train for an extra cost. Make sure you check on this.

Finding a flight training school may be easy. Here you should consider the cost, the proximity to your place, and the programs they offer. Selecting one involves more criteria.

When selecting a flight training school, it is not enough that you base it on the cost the program. Since you are the student and you are paying big time here, make sure that you check on the eligibility of the flight school you are considering. Weight the school on the criteria of maintenance capability, safety record, and pilot management. You should also talk to your possible flight instructor. Know if the instructor fits your personality. Remember that you will be spending many hours with each other so you better choose one who is fun to be with.

One important paper you should have if you want to fly is the flight medical certificate. Without it, you can never fly. There are 3 kinds of flight medical certificate: first class medical that is required for an Airline Transport Pilot, second class medical that is required to fly commercial, and the third class medical for private flying. Cost of training usually ranges between $20,000 to $45,000 depending on the type of training school.

You should also choose your helicopter training school based on the following criteria: the type of course they provide, the payment scheme, the time of training, the duration of the training, safety guidelines, insurance to the student, housing, school facilities, types of training helicopters they use, ground-school training program, job vacancy program, instructors and staff, and FAA certificates.


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