Copper State Fly-In; 2009

October 25, 2009

Today a friend of mine John Feck came out to 0AZ5 to fly out with me to the CopperState Fly-In located at KCZG in Casa Grande, Az.

At 0830 hours we departed my home (0AZ5) a flew towards Buckeye and around the White Tanks and South Mountain to avoid “bravo” airspace and then headed toward I-10.

Just west of Firebird Lake we intercepted I-10 and headed southeast to the transition point for entry to the airshow.

We circled the transition point twice before CopperState approach cleared us to KCZG for left traffic runway 5.

John and I took in the sites at the event checking out hundreds of aircraft, the vendors and of course the food. John took several photos and I hope to have those posted here soon.

At 1500 hours we departed and took the southwest route back home, into Buckeye and then north.


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