Sporty’s Online Flight Training Courses

January 4, 2010

Earning your license or instrument rating has never been easier!

Introducing the first truly complete online flight training courses. Building on Sporty’s award-winning DVD courses, these easy-to-use online programs add exciting new features and easier-than-ever navigation.

This is much more than just a video course—it is a comprehensive online training program, preparing you for your written test, oral exam and flight test. Plus, you’ll be prepared for real world flying after you get your license or rating. Just like our DVD courses, we guarantee it: if you don’t pass all three tests, we’ll give you your money back.

Sporty’s Online Course include all this: hours of high-quality in-flight streaming video, interactive test preparation, 33 full motion 3D demonstrations of all required flight maneuvers, an interactive training course outline and interactive practical test standards. No other course is this complete!

Duration : 0:4:40


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