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February 23, 2010

BAA has the responsability of different airports, among them there is Edinburgh airport.

If you want to park your car in Edinburgh Airport, you will have to choose between differents airports parking providers.

BAA Parking
The new car park provide covered parking on five levels and incorporates a two hour zone on the floor
You can pre-book in calling us on the 0870 850 28 25 +44(0)121 410 5105 (from outside the Uk)

Click here to pre-book your holiday parking space online pre-booking service or call 0870 850 2825 (UK) or +44(0)121 410 5105 (from outside the UK).
Baa propose :

Edinburgh Chauffeured Parking

The Parking arrangements are so easy – if you are in a hurry, or need baby special care, travelling with the family on holiday or travelling on business….

At the departure, a dedicated driver will organise your meeting at the terminal entrance and park the car for you in a on airport car park. When you return, you will be met with your car at the terminal.
You will have to give a phone call to the chauffeur parking service to confirm your travel arrangement.

There will be supplements if you travel between the times quoted.
£12.00 between 2200-2330 hours and 0500-0600 hours.
£14.00 between 2330-0130 hours and 0400-0500 hours.
£18.50 between 0130-0400 hours.
Holidays (limited service) – £20.00 Christmas Day, £15.00 Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, £12.00 any other Bank Holiday.

Edinburgh On-Airport Parking

The Meteor car park is a long-term car parking at Edinburgh Airport. You can book online and take advantage of the holiday extras price.
Transfers: run to and from the Edinburgh airport terminal 24 hours daily, every 10 minutes, taking just 5 minutes.
There is transfers possible 24 hours daily, every 10 minutes and taking 5 minutes, fence and cameras secure the area.

On arrival: take a ticket from the barrier and park in the designated area. A transfer will take you to the terminal. Allow about 20 minutes to check-in and transfer to the terminal.

When you return, you can catch a minibus to the car park from a pick up point outside the main terminal. When you arrived at the car park, you can go to the customer service building to exchange your entry ticket and printed your confirmation for an exit ticket.

Please note: Free battery re-charge service is available if required. Full directions will be supplied with you airport parking booking. Edinburgh on-airport car parking is available to pre-book for a minimum stay of 4 days.

There are extra services if you need as : Free battery re-charge, full directions will be supplied with your booking. You can prebook but only for a minimum stay of 4 days.

Edinburgh Park and Fly

The Park and Fly shuttle buses take 5 minutes to get to and from Edinburgh Airport. Park and Fly offer short and long term airport parking for Edinburgh.

You can book for only one day ! Park and Fly offer very good service – and you will have different parking solutions depending on you needs.

Park and Fly Personal Parking: Save time when you book a Chauffeur Parking Service. A chauffeur will meet you at the terminal and put your car to a secure car park. When you return, a driver will meet you at the terminal with your car ready for you to drive.

Park and Fly Undercover Parking: Present your printed e-mail confirmation or quote your booking reference then hand in your car keys. Your car will be parked for you in the undercover storage just next door whilst your board the FREE transfer bus to the terminal.

The transfers taking 5 minutes into the terminal and operate around the clock to and from the airport every 10 minutes.
The park and fly Edinburgh parking is protected by a infra-red fencing nand 24 hour patrols.

When you arrive we take your car from the reception, on return you go to the reception and your car will be ready in the departure area.
On your return: go to reception and you car will be ready in the departure area.
You have to know that maximum vehicle size should fit one parking space, no trailers are permitted at this car park. If you need mobile homes and caravans can park but you have to contact the car park to discuss extra charges.

Edinburgh Secured Airparks

Secure Airparks is close to Edinburgh Airport, it only take one minute journey to reach the airport. The car park offers quick transfers and competitive prices for Edinburgh Airport Parking. The Transfers run 24 hours on a request basis.

When you arrive, go to the reception and check in your car and keys for rapid transfer to the airport. Present your confirmation slip or quote your reference.

You will receive full information when you will return.
This airpark is secured 24 hours thanks to fence and holds a Secure Car Parks Award.

Also it is interesting to know that you can have a car cleaning service, and full directions to Edinburgh Airparks car park can be supplied with your booking.

There is a useful website that allows you to compare airport car parking prices : helpmetravel.co.uk .You will also be able to find more detailed informations about Edinburgh airport car parking


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