Parking at Durham Airport

February 16, 2010

Six miles east of Darlington, on the A67 you can find the Durham-Tees Valley Airport. The facility is easy accessible from the A1 motorway, A19 and A66.

Mostly I use Durham airport for short business voyages. As a sales manager I travelled the last 18 months regularly out of Durham to mainly domestic destinations. As I always go to the airport by car I also parked it each time at one of available parking sites. As a regular passenger I took the time to try most of the car parks. I guess by now I know quite a lot about the services which the parking agencies at the airport offer. Hope you find this article useful and that it might save you some time and cash.

These days the internet represents plenty of new marketing options and as long as I use Durham airport I always pre-booked my car parking online. Not only is it very easy to do but you also will save some cash as the better internet suppliers offer competitive Durham airport parking prices. Parking at the airport is rather expensive so it’s pleasant to save a couple of pounds on it.

Similar levels of services are offered by all of the parking agencies. They only differences between them are where they are located and the price they charge for their services. I always based the choice of the parking site on the fees and how much time there would be left before I had to check in. The most important factor to consider is how much time you have before checking-in for your flight and how much money you wish to spend on parking.

The two most convenient options at Durham airport include The Spa Hotel’s car park and the On Airport Parking facility. The Spa Hotel runs a car parking which is situated on-site at the airport facility. Checking your car in is a very easy affair. Once you arrive you just have to go to the reception and they will park your car for you. When you return from your break or business trip you can get your car keys back from the reception.

Opposite the terminal building you can find the on airport car park. From the park it is just a short walk to the airport terminal. The amenity is very well-secured with around the clock security patrols and advanced CCTV equipment. The check in procedure is straightforward. Once you arrive at the park you have to obtain a voucher from the barrier and keep this with you. Upon your return you exchange the entry ticket at the information counter which is positioned in the terminal inside the terminal. Easy does it!

After 18 months of frequently making use of the Durham-Tees Valley airport I know that by now I tried all the other parking options. For your benefit, mentioned below is a good selection of websites. I use these all the time and never experienced any difficulties with them.


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