Top 3 Reasons To Buy Used Cessna Parts For Your Aircraft

February 25, 2010

We all know that buying used Cessna parts is a good idea for aircraft owners and clubs.  The top three reasons to buy used Cessna parts for your aircraft are saving time, saving money, and finding hard to find used Cessna parts.  These three reasons are the main reasons to purchase used Cessna parts for your aircraft whether it is new or old.


Saving time is a no brainer.  When we need a part, we do not know whether the shop we call will have that part in stock now, or if they will be able to get it very soon even.  That creates a problem when we have a flight coming up and we need that part for the aircraft to be ready for the trip.  You never know if the company you are calling has the part you are looking for on back order and that may take weeks for them to get the part in before they even get to turn around and send it to you.  This is why you want to purchase from a salvage aircraft parts company, because if they sell it for you they are going to go out and get it for you and ship it right away.


The second reason is that you are going to be able to save money buying used Cessna parts.  More and more Cessna owners are finding that they can save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on the maintenance, repair and upgrades of their aircraft by purchasing used Cessna parts. If you purchase just a few used avionics units or a used engine for your Cessna you will find yourself saving thousands over buying new.  There are other parts available as well though.  From doors to seats to control surfaces, you can save a ton of money with used Cessna parts for your aircraft.


Salvage aircraft companies tend to have those hard to find parts on hand and readily available if they are worth their salt.  By purchasing used Cessna parts from a reputable aircraft salvage yard you increase the chances of getting the hard to find part that you need in a reasonable amount of time.  When your parts locator company goes looking for hard to find parts, odds are good they end up finding them at a salvage company in Minneapolis.


Those are the top three reasons to purchase used Cessna parts for your aircraft.  Saving time, money and finding the right hard to find parts are things I know I like to do and I am willing to bet you do too.


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