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February 17, 2010

Arizona’s largest zoo is the Phoenix Zoo having a 4-acre African veldt and the Forest of Uco. It is the rain-forest that exhibits the very rare spectacled Bear. There are many small animals for the kids.
The Spanish were the first ones here (after the natives that is!) and started spreading Christianity among the Indians. After the Spanish, Kino’s death there was a War between the US Forces and Mexican Forces which ended in 1848 and the area divided.
Many Forts were erected by different people seeking wealth here, in order to defend against attacks by fierce Indians.
Many minerals like Silver, Gold, Copper and other minerals were found in the initial development of Arizona. All this helped Arizona develop at a fast rate.
Majority of people who bought farmlands got economically better by keeping cattle and farming.
Law & Order did not catch up quickly at the same pace. Many fights used to take place between the cattle grazers & sheep grazers for acquiring land for grazing. Last, but not the least a Marshal was assigned the job to stop these fights.
In 1912, Arizona became the 48th State of USA and the more development began.
There are many Historic Sites in Arizona for tourists.
Fort Verde Historic State Park is where the base of Captain Cook’s forces was used to fight the Apaches. The old quarters of soldiers are still there. Exploits of frontline soldiering are exhibited at the old Fort’s Museum.
The old home of James Douglas, Jerome State Historical Park used to be a house of all Copper Miners before the Great Depression and was closed thereafter. In it you can see the ‘Douglas’ Family’s aristocratic style of living. It is in the Town of Jerome off the State Route 89A.
Built in 1904, Riordan Historic Park, tells about Arizona’s Timber Merchants, Timothy & Michael Riordan. They were the leading logging experts in 1900. A look at the wooden furniture will tell you about the richness of their exterior craftsmanship. It is located in the heart of Flagstaff.
Located near the Community of Tubac is the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park that served as a Spanish defense against the Apache Indians. It was built as a Fort in 1752. It has a Picnic area, an 1885 School House and a visitor Center exhibiting the glorious Tubac Past.
Having a prison life of 33 years stands Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park. Seeing it you will start believing that the West was really wild. The Prison cells, the Guard Tower and its Gate are still there. Very near to it there is South West’s richest historical site, The Yuma States Historical Park.
A giant Green House called Biosphere 2 was made in 1991. It is an airtight, glass container in which eight people could live on their own was experimented. It is now a tourist destination.
Grand Canyon is a place which every visitor to Arizona must see.
This valley is 277 miles in length and one mile in depth. Mostly visitors choose the South Rim to explore this Natural World Wonder.
Grand Canyon Railway is a spectacular way of seeing the Grand Canyon while traveling by train and not worrying about parking. This 1920-vintage Coach joins Williams with the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.


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