JFK Airport: Short and Long Term Parking Options

March 1, 2010

When we are flying to exotic places for vacation, or even stressful conferences for work, the last thing we need is more stress or more hassles. Getting transportation to and from the airport can be just that. Buses are unreliable, and carrying your luggage on them can prove problematic. Even trains can be delayed, making you miss your flight. While taxis and car services can be convenient, they are very expensive. It seems that the only surefire way of making it to the airport on time at an affordable price is to take control of the wheel and drive yourself.

Not so fast, you might say, what about the hassle of driving to and from the airport and dealing with finding affordable parking? We have all been there, circling around the airport, searching for a lot that is not going to break the bank, to no avail. So we head back to the airport parking lot, since we do not want to waste any more time, and pay the high airport lot prices just because we are scared of missing our flight. Well, not anymore! Now you can search online and find airport parking lots near dozens of airports in the country for discount prices. Online sites provide detailed information of all the lots in the vicinity of the airport with short and long term parking options available. They also give addresses and directions to the lots for your convenience. The best part of it all is that you can reserve a spot online. We all love making reservations; they give us a sense of accomplishment, completion, and best of all, a guarantee.

JFK Airport has two parking lot options available off-site: SmartPark JFK and AirPark JFK. Both lots are less than a mile from the airport, and provide a shuttle service to and from the airport. If you are worried about your luggage, don’t be, they also offer curb-to-curb services as well as luggage assistance. The details provided online are comprehensive, and they even have addresses and driving directions to the lot of your choice.

Avoid the hassles of airport transportation and parking onsite, by finding a JFK airport parking rate online today!


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