Pilot Training Types And Requirements

March 16, 2010

Flight schools are the places where students get the guidance of piloting by the help of certified and specialized instructors. These schools train students for the aviation industry. Students come to these schools to make their career as a pilot. Aviation is the booming sector so the flight schools are in the demand. Most of the youngsters come to these schools to convert their dreams into reality. Flight schools offer so many flights training programs to the students. Those who are new or do not have any knowledge of aviation get admission in the students pilot training. After this training students can take admission in the recreational of sport pilot training. In these training programs pilots lean to fly light aircrafts. After these training students becomes eligible to private pilot training. In the private pilot training, pilots learn some more tips of flying and get rigorous ground school training. There are so many flight schools around the word. Flight schools of USA work under the rules and regulations of Federal Aviation Administration. Some flight schools are specialized in fixed win aircraft training whereas others give the training in rotary wing aircrafts. Some specialized centers also give the training of flying helicopters. Some fight schools also offer commercial pilot training to the pilots. These schools offer these training by the help of professional and experienced pilots. These trainings are the combination of ground school training and practical classes. After this training pilots can do job as the airline pilot. But this is not the highest level of certification in the aviation industry. The highest level of certification in aviation industry is ATP certification. Flight schools offer very good facilities to the pilots during the training of aviation. There are also few schools that give the facility of pilot shop. Some schools also offer scholarship to their students and give the facility of low interest rate loans. Thus these facilities are making great help to those who were not able to pursue these courses because of the problem of fund. In the ATP training, pilots not only lean to fly the airplanes in the difficult and different conditions but also learn technicalities related to air crafts. In ATP pilot training programs, pilots get rigorous ground school training and learn by the experience of their instructors. To become the pilot in command in the airlines pilot must be certified as ATP.


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