Benefits of Living in Arizona

April 14, 2010

Arizona is a unique place. It’s greatest attraction is it’s weather. That’s right, weather. It’s hard to believe that people are attracted to a desert because of weather but it is true. The dry air and warm winters attract visitors from the north. Some people with asthmatic tendencies respond better to the dry air. Older couples prefer Arizona’s weather for relief it gives them on their joints. And for the rest of the residents it is the fact that they can wear shorts in the middle of the winter.

It does get chili in Arizona, but freezes are rare and brief. The winter afternoons will require a sweater at most. The full sunshine helps a vast amount of plants to and flowers to grow even in the winter. The valley is full of life even in the darkest times of year.

Golfing is a big attraction. Enjoy the luxury south west in Scottsdale while playing 9 holes or so. Their is a variety of landscapes. Fountain hills has mountain vistas as far as the eye can see. North Mesa has views of City lights. And Scottsdale has a bit of everything. Paradise Valley is located right next to Phoenix but has the advantage of mountain side homes. Gilbert is located in the south east and was the fastest growing city in the nation for several years. Once a small rural farming town, it is now a well populated area with all the fancy restaurants and even an outdoor mall. How many outdoor malls do you know that strive during the winter months?

Well what about the heat. The summers are hot, there is no other way to say it. For those sun worshipers that won’t be a problem. For everybody else you will have to find ways to to avoid the heat. There are plenty of ways to avoid the heat, here are just a few.

There are many cooler places in Arizona. Fountain Hills resident’s can get to Payson in about 45 minutes. Payson is loaded with pine trees and is a high enough altitude that it snows in the winter. Some residents even have second homes there at very reasonable prices. If you are closer to phoenix just head north. You will run into flagstaff in about an hour and a half. Flagstaff also is packed with pines and even has a ski lift on on of it’s higher mountains during the winter.

If you don’t want to travel to far than you can stay cool in the lakes by boating. Or do what many of Arizona residents do and get a pool. Pools often or equipped with mechanisms to keep the pool at your ideal temperature. Surrounded by desert palms you can make your own oasis right in your back yard.

Everything is air conditioned from cars to grocery stores to stadiums. There are plenty of ways to stay cool in Arizona in the summer months. And I can bet that the 9 beautiful months a year will keep you happy.


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