Arizona Attractions

August 19, 2010

One of the most famous Arizona sites to see is the Grand Canyon. It is the biggest canyon in the world believed to have been around for millions of years. Despite Arizona being mostly a desert state, the Grand Canyon is situated among pine trees and forests. Snow is not uncommon around the rim. The grand views of the Canyon along with it’s high country location make for a one of a kind experience.
Many enthusiast enjoy camping in and around the canyon. There is plenty to do with repelling, rock climbing, and white water rafting. Tucked deep in the canyon is a river that makes for some awe inspiring hiking destinations. The deep colors of the rock and the contrast of shades from the different layers of the earth’s crust mixed with waterfalls and unique vegetation make for truly a one of a kind experience.
For those who aren’t campers, enjoy staying in a lodge or nearby inn. There is a lodge situated almost directly off of the rim. Comfort and cozy accommodations will suit everyone. Some day dwellers will visit the attraction by driving close to the rim and taking one of the many paved trails to see the vast gorge below them. After you have had enough and have taken enough pictures, it is just a matter of walking up the path and to your car and then you are off. It is a place that will suite your situation.
Arizona isn’t just a big canyon. There are many other attractions besides one of the seven wonders of the world. The valley is full of life and civilization. There are museums and excellent restaurants and a many ways to have fun in the sun. If you get sick of the city there are many escapes that are not too far away. Just an hour or two out of the main population you will come across mountains and pine trees. Many residents will make their second home in places like Payson or flagstaff. These high elevated towns bring in the cooler winter in the summer and the clean air of the mountains.
Phoenix is one of the top 5 biggest cities in the United States. If you are into the city life than Phoenix will suit your needs. If you desire a more rural life check out the town of queen creek. It sits at the base of the San Tan Mountains and 15,000 acre nature preserve. Acre lots are common and it seems like everybody owns a horse. Horse enthusiast will enjoy the gigantic equestrian park the town is in the process of building. It will facilitate the needs of a horse including covered stalls and showers. If you don’t want to buy horse property, but want a horse, this park will benefit you.
If you are looking at Arizona for the job opportunities check out Chandler Arizona. It home of some of the leading corporations including Intel, microchip, and freestyle. Industries strive in Arizona because of the dry weather. It seems that most of the big tech companies made Chandler their home.
Whatever you are looking for in Arizona, I’m sure you will find it.


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