Scale the Canyons, Explore the Depths ? Pink Jeep Tours in Arizona

August 1, 2010

For nearly 60 years, the Pink Jeep Tours have been the most delightful, off-road family adventure experience in Arizona. The award-winning excursions take you across the Grand Canyon, Broken Arrow, Ancient Ruin, Valley of Fire and many other locations along the Southwest. If nature, rugged adventure, knowledge about Native American history and culture, striking geology and spectacular views are on your agenda, Pink Jeep Tours is ideal for you.

The luxurious interior of the Tour Trekker used for the expeditions are fitted with extra-sized windows, luscious leather seating and a flat-screen DVD player.

First, the tour takes you to Grand Canyon, where a professional guide narrates throughout the tour. A drive up to Oak Canyon is included, because it’s among the best scenic drives in the United States. Then, you pass through the Ponderosa Pin Forests of Flagstaff, along the San Francisco Peaks to the South Rim of the main canyon. The tour experience can be upgraded by adding a fine lunch option at the historic El Tovar hotel or Bright Angel Lodge. You can also just pick a place to have your lunch at while in the Grand Canyon Village or along the rim. After lunch, the tour takes a typical scenery route for photo opportunities. The tour ends with a grand exit on the Colorado River side, but the jeep will stop at a Cameron Trading Post on the Navajo Indian Reservation before going on its final stage.

Broken Arrow tour is more about adventure than the Grand Canyon version. The Submarine Rocks and Chicken Point are visited during the tour, but the highlight is the thrilling descent down the “Road of No Return.” It’s advertised as “100% road fun’ and no one is arguing that fact!

There’s a lot more to the Pink Jeep Tours and these include visits to the 700 year old Sinaguan cliff for some amazing archaeological expeditions. This is part of the Ancient Ruin tour.

The end of the day marks the need for a good night’s rest. This is why you should remember to reserve your Scottsdale resort in advance. Your Scottsdale hotel will provide you with a comfortable accommodation facility, as well as with modern conveniences for everything.


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