Ufo’s: Fact or Fiction?

August 27, 2010

There is an ongoing debate whether or not unidentified flying objects, more commonly referred to as UFO’s, really exist.

One thing cannot be argued about though, is the fact that there are thousands of Arizonans who have claimed to have seen an Arizona UFO. Thousands of others from around the world have also claimed to have same or similar experiences with UFO’s and have the videos to prove it.

Many people will remember the event that took place back in July of 1947 wherein a sighting occurred. It happened during a severe thunderstorm near Roswell, New Mexico, during an Air Force experiment using high altitude balloons. The experiments caused the balloons to fall to the earth which led to many peoples’ belief that this was no experiment that had gone terribly wrong. Many believed that this was the result of alien activity.

Talk about mass confusion! The entire world seemed to have been sitting on the edge of their seats when they heard the news that the Air Force had a flying saucer in their possession.

Shortly thereafter, the news channels announced that the Air Force did not have a UFO in their possession, but rather had nothing more than weather balloons.

People were skeptical though as many still believed that there was more to the story than what they were being told. Many felt that they had been lied to by government officials and that that the event was a cover up.

Many believers of unidentified flying object enthusiasts firmly believe that on that day in 1947, an alien spaceship really had crashed on earth.

Many people in Arizona were fortunate enough to see the famous Phoenix Lights. If you have never read the story about the Phoenix Lights before, it really is something that makes you wonder if UFO’s really do exist.

Even if you are the most skeptical person when it comes to an Arizona UFO, or anywhere else for that matter, you might just have a different opinion once you read about this major event that took place on March 13th, 1997 when thousands of people witnessed what was believed to be a UFO sighting in Arizona.

There are real UFO sighting clips that makes even the most skeptical person a believer. There are countless stories of people that are so sure that they have seen a UFO.

There are others who think that these people have to be either crazy or are simply making the story up to just to get a little attention.

Fact or just someone pretending? Some of these believers were the most skeptical when it comes to UFO’s. That is before they, too, had a real life experience.

Many people are no longer cynical following their experience that convinced them otherwise. Some individuals prefer to keep their sighting experience a secret, for fear of being laughed at. Some fear even more severe reactions by family and friends that they feel that it would be best if they just kept the experience with an unidentified flying object to themselves.

Whether you are a believer of UFO’s or not, there still remains a lot of unanswered questions which may make the non-believer question it themselves.

Many people who have experienced a UFO sighting have been frightened so badly that they have told very few people. They may feel so haunted by the experience that they have had to seek professional counseling because of the psychological effects that it had on their daily lives.

The association between aliens and unidentified flying objects seem to go hand in hand. Many reports exist of where people adamantly claim that they not only have seen one, but they also claim to have been abducted by aliens and then returned back to earth. Crazy as it may seem, these are real life stories that many people believe.

UFO sightings have taken place throughout the entire state of Arizona in such cities as Tempe, Mesa, Gold Canyon, Superior, Tucson, Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Scottsdale. Many other cities in Arizona have all had similar stories along with other parts of the world.

Again, these sightings are not just specific to Arizona. Virtually every state and several other countries share these similar experiences.

The stories are so easy to find when referencing sightings of these objects. There was a story in California where a man noticed what he believes was a saucer while sweeping his patio. The man was said to have seen a bright light that he had never seen before. He was convinced this was a UFO. The bright light was no ordinary light as it was headed towards him. He was sure this was had to be a UFO.

Whether you believe in these sightings or not, there seems to be enough ongoing debate to keep the notion alive.


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