Kili Senegal Parrot – Refledging and Teaching to Fly, First Recall Flight

September 29, 2010

Kili my Senegal Parrot was originally clipped and I don’t think she was given the chance to fledge properly at the breeder. So as she is getting the last few flight feathers back, I have taken it upon myself to teach her how to fly. I don’t think she realizes yet that she’s a bird and those feathery arms she has can let her fly. So I am starting out by setting up two perch stands and targeting her from one to the other. First I put the perches so close together that she could walk from one to the other as I would target her back and forth. She picked up almost immediately that I wanted her to go from perch to perch. Then I slowly started increasing the distance. Soon the gap was big enough that at least some flapping would be required to get across but she was reluctant to go. I had to reduce the distance and keep practicing/coaxing her till she finally took the leap of fate. Then I slowly started to increase the distance between the stands up till about 18 inches apart. Finally as she began getting good at this, I also tried to recall her to my hand by targeting. It took a very long time to coax her to jump to my hand but finally she did which I captured in this video. She had NEVER jumped/flown to me before. She would only step up or reach over with her beak and pull my hand in closer. But today she finally took her first flight to me. This video is all within one training session and illustrates how to teach a reluctant flier to make the first steps toward becoming a


3 Responses to “Kili Senegal Parrot – Refledging and Teaching to Fly, First Recall Flight”

  1. JJdude447 on September 29th, 2010 10:51 am

    where do you get that thig that make the sound? do you need it or is it just easyer to train it tht way?

  2. MakMak1993 on September 29th, 2010 11:48 am

    same situation with my cockatiel 🙁 i think she wasn’t able to learn how to fly because they trimmed her wings before she could learn. now, i’m just waiting for her molt so she can grow her in her new feathers then i can teach her to fly but its already been months and only three flight feathers in total have been replaced on both wings, any advice? thanks!

  3. bagalbraith on September 29th, 2010 12:14 pm

    Great videos! My amazon was clipped very early by his breeder and is just starting to fly, so I really appreciate seeing somebody that’s working on the same thing I am! Keep up the great work with Kili!

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