Top 5 Reasons To Move To Arizona

September 12, 2010

Are you looking for magnificent natural wonders? How about affordable housing? These are just two of the top five reasons to relocate to sunny Arizona.
Do you like sunny weather? Arizona can boast that it has, on average, 300 days (or more) of sunshine every year! Whether you believe it or not, the folks who reside in Arizona will be the first to tell you that the “dry heat” is much better than dealing with the “high humidity”. Ok, so you want to ski and snowboard? Just make a trip to Flagstaff during the winter and you can do both at an elevation of 12,000 feet.
Natural wonders in Arizona are many, but topping the list is the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Grand Canyon delivers breathtaking scenery, hiking, camping, and many other activities. Other popular natural wonders throughout the state of Arizona are Monument Valley, Saguaro National Park, the Colorado River and the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert, to name a few. There is even a mountain in the shape of a camel! If you are a resident of Arizona, vacation spots are “right in your own backyard”.
Arizona can say it is the fastest growing state right now. According to Tom Rex, associate director of the Center for Competitiveness and Prosperity Research at Arizona State University, “There are housing developments sprouting everywhere, whether they are on former farmland or in the desert.” Housing is so affordable in Arizona, there are Californians who are relocating to take advantage of the reasonably priced homes.
Due to the fact that there is a phenomenal housing boom, the economy is very strong. With all of the homes being built, there are plenty of jobs, and Arizona is also “a hotbed of in-home businesses.”
Another good reason to move to Arizona is to live in Phoenix, “The Valley of the Sun”. This city has constantly earned top marks for its resort amenities, for its business climate and for its educational institutions. It has long been established as an ideal retirement city due to sun-filled, 85 degree days, more than 190 golf courses, and numerous other recreational opportunities. Phoenix features several health-care facilities throughout the city. Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo are each only a 6-hour drive or 1-hour flight from Phoenix.
A beautiful climate year round, natural wonders in every direction, affordable housing, a growing and strong economy (great job opportunities), and an exciting city like Phoenix are all compelling reasons to consider moving to Arizona. I might even consider it myself!


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