GCA – Missionary Aviation Recruiting Video

November 13, 2010

Great Commission Air provides life-saving emergency medical flights and support for Christian missions (missionary aviation) working in remote areas. In this video, Robert Rice, President of Great Commission Air, washes cow manure off of the Missionary Aviation Aircraft, N538JP a Cessna 336. He can be seen describing his role in the organization and explaining the need for Missionary Pilot Trainees. Though cast in a humorous light, GCA really is interested in finding a few volunteer pilots that can spend a month here learning about how to function in this environment as they accompany Robert on life-saving emergency medical flight as well as other humanitarian support flights. Please consider supporting Great Commission Air as our operations are funded mostly by donations from individuals (like you). www.GreatCommissionAir.org Keywords: “Great Commission Air”, Aviation, “Missionary Aviation”, Guatemala, Ixcan, Quiché, Cessna 336, Skymaster, “Robert Rice”, “Jennifer Rice”, “Missionary Aviation Training”, “Flight Training”, Recruiting,The White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives


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  1. amediastintas on November 13th, 2010 7:39 am

    HAHA executive director. HAHA For some reason I identify with you SOOO much.

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