VLJ Embraer Phenom Fractional Ownership by CFM & JetQuik

November 11, 2010

JetQuik, offers diversified service solutions to the Executive Jet travel market. Experienced JetQuik professionals can help you acquire your new jet and assist you with aircraft acceptance and delivery anywhere in the world. Recent aircraft deliveries include Europe, Asia, Africa as well as South and North America. Focused on the Executive Jet market, JetQuik can help manage your aircraft in FAA Part 91 or Part 135 service. Areas of expertise include Charter Offset and Phenom 100 Syndication. Phenom Mentor Services™ by JetQuik, developed the Embraer Phenom 100 Operating Experience Guide and offers both PreQual® and PostQual® training for Phenom owner/operators as well as flight departments. JetQuik is a member of the Corporate Flight Management family of companies. CFM is a global aviation resources firm providing charter, aircraft management, aircraft sales, FBO services, maintenance, flight training, and financial services. Visit www.flycfm.com or http or www.cfmjet.com for more information.


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