Mudhoney II_Perry Stenbä

December 16, 2010

Mudhoney II – released June 2010


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  1. crguti on December 16th, 2010 2:01 am

    it should be midi controlled.

  2. luckmarkboy on December 16th, 2010 2:56 am

    @TheSAJ11 I don´t know what kind of music do you play, but I think you should try the Nova Drive by TC Electronic. It hasn´t two distortions but you can combine a heavy overdrive with the distortion. It´s a cool gear to check it out!!

  3. leballe123 on December 16th, 2010 3:18 am

    Hes Teaching me and my friends at my school this week hes DAMN EPIC

  4. TheSAJ11 on December 16th, 2010 3:51 am

    @d0d0Lgarutz Now you are making sense .

  5. d0d0Lgarutz on December 16th, 2010 4:15 am

    @TheSAJ11 ehx germanium big muff if you want that stacky thing at moderate price

  6. TheSAJ11 on December 16th, 2010 4:46 am

    @d0d0Lgarutz WOW you are a genius , and you have a lot of money !!!

  7. d0d0Lgarutz on December 16th, 2010 5:06 am

    @TRexEffects I just have a Dr. Swamp and the next day this thing come out …

  8. d0d0Lgarutz on December 16th, 2010 5:57 am

    @TheSAJ11 It’s how the pedal get designed, duh! It gives you switching practicality. If you want to stack things up buy 2 mudhoneys or any 2 units of distortion pedal.

  9. TheSAJ11 on December 16th, 2010 6:12 am

    @Erock09291 Exactly my point , it makes no sense that you can’t stack both channels for more saturation , in all honesty I tried 5 of T rex pedals , did not like them , not even one , I think they need to fire some of these engineers and get someone with some common sense .

  10. Erock09291 on December 16th, 2010 6:58 am

    @TheSAJ11 i was all excited to play this thing, so i set it up for two of my favorite settings with it, and i was playing, and i hit the switch to throw on both, and it shut off channel 1 🙁 i am no longer gonna buy one because of that

  11. TheSAJ11 on December 16th, 2010 7:04 am

    @TRexEffects What you are saying makes no sense , it is a very simple concept .. to make a pedal very versatile you should be able to switch between the 2 channels or combine them at the same time if someone wish to do so , that is versatility . like many pedal builders with common sense do , personally i have bought almost every T rex pedal made and never liked any of there pedals , ironically speaking . their tone bug line sound much better than there more expensive line . Enough said .

  12. TRexEffects on December 16th, 2010 7:53 am

    @TheSAJ11 Another option is when you use two guitars with very different output. E.g. a Tele and a les Paul. If you use an A/B Box in front of the new Mudhoney you can set one level for the Tele and one for the Les Paul. This way your over all level will be the same and you don’t have to use any volume knobs at all. You just use the Mudhoney.
    All the best
    T-Rex Torsten

  13. TRexEffects on December 16th, 2010 7:59 am

    @TheSAJ11 It does make sense what you’re asking about. It looks like same same, but. I love the Mudhoney and have the new version on my own board. I use one channel for rhythm and the other one for solo, but I use almost the same sound. That wouldn’t have been possible with the old version.

  14. TheSAJ11 on December 16th, 2010 8:11 am

    I will never understand when companies make distortion or overdrive pedals like this where you can only switch between the 2 channels , yet you can’t combine them for more real heavy stuff . Am i alone one this , or it just makes no sense ? !

  15. TRexEffects on December 16th, 2010 8:35 am

    @tjalla This is simply a doubled Mudhoney. Volume output is the same, which I thing is loud, and it has the same gain as the old one.
    I use the old one with the boost knob on all the time, and then just turn the volume down.

    All the best
    T-Rex Torsten

  16. tjalla on December 16th, 2010 9:33 am

    I have to ask (and I love the Mudhoney I had) if perhaps this version has more overall volume output, and also whether the OD has more gain. I always found using the boost button to be too big a change in tone and (fuzz) gain structure.

  17. wabwabb on December 16th, 2010 10:02 am

    sound great man!!

  18. 3dsman on December 16th, 2010 10:14 am

    Excellent!! Double the mud, double the honey!!! (But not double the money!!)


  19. SonnyKraack on December 16th, 2010 10:46 am



  20. TRexEffects on December 16th, 2010 11:04 am

    @B0sc0e: I know you can’t live without it 🙂 It’s going straight to my own board.
    T-Rex Torsten

  21. B0sc0e on December 16th, 2010 11:40 am

    I have a MudHoney (1), the first version of this pedal, and it rocks! It will be cool to check this new version out!

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