CXC Unveils Motion Pro II Flight Sim Prototypes at Oshkosh

May 8, 2011

CXC displayed two purpose-built CXC Motion Pro II flight simulators with ICON Aircraft at the world famous AirVenture 2010 Air Show at Oshkosh, allowing attendees to virtually sample and fly Icon’s ICON’s revolutionary A5 aircraft. Nearly 800 people got to “fly” the new sims, making the ICON booth the “buzz of the show,” no easy task when there are 700 participating vendors. Needless to say, ICON Aircraft, who commissioned the two prototypes, was pleased. “Motion simulator technology could greatly enhance our future flight training program,” said Steen Strand, COO and co-founder of ICON Aircraft. “CXC Simulations is able to provide a very fun, realistic motion experience on a high quality, cool looking platform.” The A5 is ICON’s entry into the FAA’s new Light Sport Aircraft segment and is designed specifically for recreational flying. Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) can be operated by anyone with a Sport Pilot License. CXC’s renowned “low-mass” MP II motion system was reconfigured in concert with ICON test pilots and several X-Plane developers to insure an accurate and realistic flight experience. CXC Simulations is known around the world as maker of the Motion Pro II, widely considered the only professional-level racing simulator suitable for home and private use as well as for racing teams, but the development of these prototypes will now lead to a production model, the Motion Pro II Flight. “It’s something we’ve been asked about for a long time and given a lot of thought