Cessna Skylane Flying From Bridgeport, CT (KBDR) To Newport News, VA (KPHF) 11/27/10

May 25, 2011

Two friends and I made this flight down to Newport News, VA (KPHF) for no specfic reason other than to fly someplace down south. We had originally been kicking around the idea of making a flight all the way down to Florida but, due to there not being enough good weather days over the Thanksgiving weekend, we shortened the destination to someplace we could get down to and back comfortably with only one overnight. Even still, at 288.1nm straight line distance, it’s my farthest destination so far. Unfortunately, this flight was plagued by technical difficulties (with the video recording, not the plane!!). My left side view camera stopped recording about mid-way through the flight, my audio recorder battery died almost and hour before landing, and my cameras were picking up a lot of vibrations. So I made the best out of the footage I had for this one. I’m still trying to fine tune my set-up and I’m trying to figure out some kind of vibration absorbers that I might be able to put between the cameras and the mounts so that the cameras are not “directly” connected to the mounts. Also I plan to do some testing without the image stabilization turned on. I’m not sure if that could be contributing to the wobble. If anyone has had any experience with that, please let me know. Enjoy and thanks again for watching!!! www.SkylaneCaptain.com


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  1. SkylaneCaptain on May 25th, 2011 7:34 am

    @rdfelty Thanks for subbing!! Actually the left side view camera didn’t run out of power, it just stopped recording for some reason. Never figured out why. And the audio recorder dying was my fault. I should have put in fresh batteries before such a long flight. Have you done any experimentation with image stabilization on and off? Did it make a difference in the waviness?

  2. rdfelty on May 25th, 2011 8:04 am

    Great video. Just subscribed and friended you. Good camera placement and editing. A 2 hour flight is a long time for camera batteries etc. so you did very well with the recording. Let me know if you come up with a camera mount stabilization solution. And I agree that much of what you’re seeing are waves from the engine frequency. The front camera is the dashboard as you suspect. Well done. Gonna go watch more.

  3. SkylaneCaptain on May 25th, 2011 8:41 am

    @burt2481 And I was hoping to get some more position reports in this time but unfortunately due to the cloud cover it seemed pointless. There would have been a nice view of Atlantic City if it had been clear. Next time!! Thanks for the comment.

  4. SkylaneCaptain on May 25th, 2011 9:27 am

    @burt2481 Actually “wobble” is the wrong word. It’s the waviness I was referring to, and yes it’s the engine vibrational frequency that’s responsible. I was thinking that it might be a product of the camera’s image stabilization being turned on. Also, I’m looking into vibration isolators that might help buffer the camera from it in the first place. The front facing camera was the worst because it was on the dashboard itself. I’ll try mounting that one differently as a test next time.

  5. burt2481 on May 25th, 2011 9:55 am

    I am not sure it was wobble, it seemed like an beat frequency was modulating the video causing a wavy appearance.

    Quality was quite good as was the characters on the screen. More desciption of exactly where you were would have been nice

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