HK Cessna 182 RC airplane Flight and CRASH!

May 15, 2011

I was flying my little Hobby King Cessna 182 after work one day and had Michael flim a little on the sony Bloggie. We are in a church parking lot down the street with TONS of trees and light poles, I fly there a lot even though 1 tree already ATE my Starmax F35, (it is glued back together and still flying as well though) This video is completely UNEDITED. My favorite part is when he says , “it’s like the trade center” well not quite.. Unfortunatly he missed the wing slowly flipping down after the crash. still good footage though. I have the plane epoxied back together and it looks great, I will give it a test flight soon but I’m sure she is as good as new, you gotta love foamies.


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