SR20 airplane flat tire

May 9, 2011

check out my flight training blog: Note: the previous title called this a accident, but it was really just a experience and sticky situation. thanks so after pre flight was finished and we taxied to the runway, we waited about 3 minutes for takeoff clearance. we got cleared for takeoff so as we put on power to turn to the runway, we kept turning to one side. we got it looked at and confirmed it was flat. we tried our best to move a bit out of the way but ATC closed the taxiway and made sure we got the plane as far away from the runway as we could (50 feet). then the airport brought over a tow and a dolly to put the right side of the plane on. i stayed in the plane and held the right brake so the plane stayed on the dolly as it was pulled by the tow. it took a hour to get back to the hangars where we confirmed that tiny screw on the tarmac must of popped our tire as we were taxing. thanks for watching. in the end it was of course no ones fault, but it was a great lesson to learn.


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