Cessna 150 X-plane v5 to v9 Modif p1 ML.wmv

June 11, 2011

Diaporama : X-plane Add-On version 5.99 to version 9.00 by Martignat.L ( ML ) ex Martluk… Modification Old Add-On Cessna 150 & Test & First video … May 2011… Video & Music by Martignat.L copyright 1985 to 2011… Thank to : x-plane friends Austin Meyer & Laminar Research If you have old add-on & you want use with x-plane v8 or v9 contact me Here on YouTube or contact MamyManga on Facebook… I can help you … I test or creat or tranform all add-on X-plane or FS wait the new diaporama video… Sorry for my bad english… Bye chaps !…


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