The Sharper Image – Cessna 182 Pro Series

June 24, 2011

The new Sharper Image Brand Cessna 182 Pro Series Electric Remote Controlled Airplane is our BEST SELLING rc airplane trainer. The included Brushless motor provides 60% more power than a standard speed 480 motor. (Brushless motors have more power and increased efficiency) The Cessna 182 is Capable of reaching speeds up to 60 mph, yet can fly as slow as 20 mph. The Tri-bladed propeller provides 25% more thrust than a standard 2 bladed one. More prop thrust means better low speed maneuverability. The Cessna 182 Pro Series ships with a 1300 mah Lipoly 7.4v volt rated at 20C that provides up to 20 minutes of run time!! Included is long range 2.4 Ghz 4 channel radio for glitch free flying with a range of up to 4000 feet. Benefits of 2.4 Ghz radios are unlimited channel selectivity with no chance of any interference at all. Main wing uses 2 dedicated aileron servos (1 for each aileron) for more precise control and quicker turning response times. The Cessna 182 is a true scale ready to fly electric powered 4 channel R/C aircraft. Months of flight testing and design yield an aircraft that is super stable and capable of maintaining flight at super slow speeds that allow novice to master flight mechanics with ease. Designed with the novice in mind, its easy fix due to the modular design components. The Cessna Pro Series offers full 4 Channel control: Throttle, Ailerons, Rudder, and Elevator for full R/C flight realism and control. Each radio has trim tabs for precise control


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