FSX Movie | Mayday | HD

September 3, 2011

This has been by far the longest project its taken around 2 weeks work, I have tried to make this movie have a small story if you didn’t get what was going on it was a crashed Cessna 152 which the search and rescue in HH-60G to look for the crash site. At the same time a delta 757 has dual engine failure and turns to glide back to Tampa. Shout-outs: Voices: ATC: Christopher Murphy HH-60G pilot 1: JoshuaSkeen (dust off 1) ” ” pilot 2: Mike Carpenter ( dust off 2) Both pilots were from the 41st RQS check them out at fsxfleet.com There were 2 choppers who flew the mission but a playback issue with FS recorded meant that you cant have more than one playing back at one time and many other pains.