Extreme Float Flying with a Texas Turbine Supervan 900 by Talon Air

September 17, 2011

Alan Helfer from Talon Air in Soldotna, Alaska shows some extreme Cessna Caravan float flying in his Honeywell TPE331-12JR powered Supervan 900 modified by Texas Turbine Conversions, Inc.

Skylink 50CC – The World Models

September 16, 2011

Second flight of the recent launch from TWM. It flies slowly, very stable and easy to land. The Skylink is the ideal plataform to begin giant scale category. It is powered by a JBA 50CC gasoline engine.

Delta 747-400 Cabin Walkthrough

September 14, 2011

Walking through the cabin and cockpit on a Boeing 747-400 at Tokyo Narita. The aircraft is N669US.

[HD] Airbus A380 Paris Air Show 2011 Flight Display

September 13, 2011

A380 Paris Air Show

Planespotting Frankfurt (Various Asian Airlines, Lufthansa A340, Fokker 50)

September 13, 2011

Iran air Airbus a 300 City Line Fokker 50 royal jordanian a320 emirates 777 lufthansa a380 and lots more

New scenery ISAFIJORDUR by Aerosoft on ICELANDX.

September 12, 2011

I already did this landing but with the default scenery .Now it comes out this and i decided to do it again on daytime, coz i like this new one. 😛

KAIA Jeddah – A day of spotting Part 1

September 11, 2011

Taken from the depature hall of the south terminal at OEJN. With a great view of SV’s major hub and teh busiest airport in the Kingdom. Much to see.. so little time! Stay tuned for part 2 Enjoy! Thumbs Up and comments are much appreciated!

The last Cockpit recording of Flight 93 on September 11, 2001

September 9, 2011

The last cockpit recording of Flight 93, on September Eleventh, Two-thousand and one.

Tokoroa Aeroclub April 2010 Fly-in

September 8, 2011

The weather was cold, overcast and occasionally drizzly but that didn’t stop fixed and rotary-wing pilots flying in for this annual event. Helicopters, autogyros, microlights, military aircraft — there was a lot of variety to be seen at the field. The FW190 is also featured in another video I’ve just uploaded if you want to see more of that little beauty.

Ag Husky 2010

September 7, 2011

A little from Atherton. It’s not as involved as others but shows the different camera I am trying. It gets more into the shot at close range so makes for great image in the cockpit. Thanks to Coldplay for the fantastic music to drown out the noise.

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