1080 AVCHD Cessna 172 Augsburg to St Johann

February 11, 2011

Flight with a cessna 172 from edma to loij with superb weather conditions and a calm wind. Testing my new camera on that flight, the sony hdr cx-305 avchd quality. It’s a new decade of recording videos. There will be coming out many new videos in this amazing quality. Flight show take off, taxiing, wing view, good atc sound quality, inflight, german and austrain landscape, a really magnificent winter scenery and big mountains. This channel will showyou aviation really close. Every month new flying videos from all over europe. Videos aren’t full with music which destroys the video and they are filmed not blurred. Feel free to leave a comment or rate if you do want so. Subscribe if you want to see more flying videos filmed in the cockpit in high quality! Marc Ulm Photography – 2011