An Hour on BNSF in Flagstaff, Arizona. 7-24-10.

August 15, 2010

My last visit to Flagstaff, Arizona before heading back home to New York was for a brief hour on Saturday, July 24th. 3 trains rolled through town during this time, which is pretty decent for BNSF’s busy Seligman Subdivsion. Enjoy! Train 1…………10:01 AM First up is a westbound stack train, fresh off the crew change point in Winslow, about 30 miles down the line. This guy was hauling coming into town, but unfortunatley the engineer backed off the throttle as he approached us. BNSF ES44DC #7811 BNSF C44-9W #5105 BNSF ES44DC #7495 BNSF ES44DC #7528 Train 2……….10:08 AM Shortly after, we see another stack train, led by a 4-pack of one of the best locomotives ever built. I could have sworn that the conductor was a twin brother of Hugh Rollen, from History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers. BNSF ES44DC #7599 BNSF ES44DC #7411 BNSF ES44DC #7340 BNSF ES44DC #7440 Train 3………..10:21 AM And the last train I would see in Arizona comes through next with more awesome power. BNSF ES44DC #7845 BNSF ES44DC #7613 BNSF ES44DC #7307 BNSF ES44DC #7617 On the way down the old Route 66, we pass a local tied up for the morning. Two former Santa Fe GP60’s (or GP39-2s, I couldn’t tell) and a freshly painted H3 B40-8W, also a former ATSF unit, are the power. They’re assigned to the daily Flagstaff-Winslow local job. Seeing a BNSF B40-8W is rare these days, as the majority are being stored in Barstow, California. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think and please take a second to