A320 Simulator Landing

November 16, 2010

This is my first landing of an A320 in the Full-Flight-Simulator. Frankfurt 25R. Thanks to companies like: www.virtualaviation.co.uk everybody can do it.

737 and A320 Flight Training Available in Turkey at International Flight Training Center

March 20, 2010

Cengiz Arbac the General Manager of the International Flight Training Center discusses how the new instructional facility is taking shape to meet the needs of pilots, airlines and other organizations in and around Turkey. The new facility will feature four state of the art 737 and A320 Full Flight Simulators from Mechtronix Systems of Montreal. Mr. Arbac also discusses how his facility used the technology to simulate the recent A320 landing in the Hudson River in New York City for the press. About International Flight Training Center Istanbul (IFTC Istanbul) IFTC Istanbul was established in 2007 as the training arm of the Gozen Group. Based in Istanbul, Turkey IFTC Istanbul provides Type Rating Training specializing in providing flight crew training services for A320 and B737-NG. High quality training courses are delivered by an experienced team of instructors and examiners and can be tailored to meet specific aircraft or operational requirements for all operators in the region IFTC Uçu? Hizmetleri ve Ticaret A.?. Istanbul Atatürk Havaliman? Serbest Bölgesi L Blok No:1 34141 Ye?ilköy / Istanbul / Türkiye Telefon : +90 212 463 09 00 Faks : +90 212 463 09 49


October 18, 2008

“Close call” Airbus A320 landing at Hamburg RWY 23 ….The pressure for the darn ON TIME PERFORMANCE combined with the lack of positive judgement and/or poor preventive guidance from dispatch/ATC …JAA syllabus and in house flight training should be closely revaluated in order to avoid future tragedies.
Notes from a European Airbus Driver;

Wind was 290/33 gusts to 49 (time ~ 13:55)
happened on flight LH 044 (D-AIQP) a A320 from MUC
runway for landing 23 LOC-DME (ATIS gave no other option)
after g/a, pilots elected runway 33 also LOC-DME approach and landed safely…

Airbus recommeded limits;
T/O 29 kts gusting 38 kts
Ldg: 33 kts gusting 38 kts

for non-contaminated runways – goes down for flooded runways, snow, ice etc.

The crosswind limit is defined as the crosswind at which no pilot input is required in yaw until the nosewheel is down in a normal landing (same for any commercial jet). Yes you can land with more of a crosswind if you are a good pilot but you are exceeding the certified limit and will be hung in any aaib investigation that arises.

Duration : 0:1:6

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