Instrument Flight Training in actual IMC

April 21, 2010

This is my first attempt at documenting my instrument flight training on video. This is also my first attempt at editing video other than simple cuts. Sorry for not having intercom and radio audio. The camcorder was connected to the aircraft’s intercom system, but apparently, I didn’t switch it on during the flight. Instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) in mid-summer are a rare thing in SoCal…a perfect opportunity to do instrument flight training in actual IMC. We start with a short VFR flight from Corona to Chino. At Chino, we get a tower enroute clearance to Fullerton. At Fullerton we get an tower enroute clearance to Brackett Field. We return to Corona also on a tower enroute clearance. At Fullerton, Brackett and Corona, we shoot the VOR approaches.