Arizona, USA – A World Class Adventure

March 22, 2010

Arizona has Petrified Forests in such abundance at the Petrified Forest National Park. Drive through it or for a closer look go on hiking trails found there. It is located just off 1-40 in North East Arizona.
The Lost Dutchman mine was never rediscovered, there is a superstition that Gold can still be found, many adventurers visit this place called the Lost Dutchman State Park. Wilderness can still be explored and a desert Lake, Canyon Lake is very near to it.
Most of the tourists camp, hike or picnic at these desert trails. Handicapped people are also welcomed here.
The world’s largest natural bridge (400 ft wide & 183 ft in height) over looking the Pine Creek is in Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. Flowing streams, upstream of the canyon, make a spectacular view.
A century old hotel, refurbished, provides excellent viewing. It is located 13 miles North West Payson off State Route 87. Picnicking or hiking is also catered for.
Considered to be Mother Nature’s finest playground is Slide Rock State Park. The Park’s name comes from 30 ft long water sliding down the rocks. The canyon here has Red Rock walls & pine forests. An Apple orchard is also an added attraction.
A huge crowd is always gathered here to refresh themselves at Slide Rocks during summer months. The parking facilities has also been expanded recently.
Just a few miles off West of Sedona in Arizona State is 286 acres of Red Rock State Park. Picnic areas and classrooms may be reserved for the public but they do provide education to school groups and private groups as well.
Swimming and going across water is available to local wildlife only and please don’t bring your pets as this is a place where there are no facilities for them. Still they provide camping sites, picnic grounds, hiking trails, classrooms, visitor’s center with a great theater and of course a gift shop.
Right next to the Community of Cottonwood, in the scenic Verde Valley, is Dead Horse Ranch State Park. Now don’t get alarmed by its name as here you can do bird watching, camping, canoeing, horseback riding, picnicking and stream & pond fishing.
Here you can also go hiking and the Equestrian events are held regularly.
Near the City of Show Low is located Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area. Imagine camping on a lake shore and watching the noble great blue herons. Show Low Creek falls into this lake, which provides water to lots of wild animals and it has a very different fishing area.
It has a huge variety of fish like rainbow trout, brown trout, channel catfish, walleye and green sunfish. Nearby White Mountain Trail System offers many hiking trails. This place adjoins the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest where you can get the geographical maps too.
This site offers agricultural features, camping sites, pit houses and lots of other sites. It is located a few miles North East of Winslow on State Route 87. Archeologists work in June & July only from Monday till Friday. Here archaeological exhibitions are also held many times a year.
This place offers many recreational areas with picnic tables electric supply, tent pads and grills.
As there is no size restriction on boats Lyman Lake State is 1500 acres of really beautiful Lake. A small herd of buffaloes are always grazing near the access road. A nice & restricted no-wake place for anglers.
This place offers facilities that include rock hounding trails, fishing, hiking, boat rentals and a swimming pool. General boat rental concessions are available by booking in advance.
On the foot of Mount Graham is a haven known as Roper Lake State Park. An excellent place for fishing, swimming, hiking, picnicking and camping. Camp on the lake shore & avail a natural hot-bath tub which is prepared by park rangers. The park is located a few miles South of Safford off US Route 191.
Lots of other facilities include rest rooms, shower rooms, fishing pad (also for handicapped persons), waste disposal grounds, Electric hookup, boat ramp and Natural hot springs.
Desert scenery and an isolated place is Alamo Lake State Park. It is located on Bill Williams River and after some miles falls into Colorado River.
With a backdrop of picturesque Rawhide & Buckskin Mountains it presents a stunning view. Abundance of wildlife includes Bald Eagles, Coyote, Deer, Quails and wild Burros are the area’s trademark.
Some of the basic facilities include Group use area, hiking, fishing, Electric hook up, boating, rest room showers (accessible for the handicapped) and waste disposal area.
Buckskin Mountain State Park is located between the Mountains & the Colorado River, is a welcome site both for nature lovers and hikers. Three fully developed trails on these mountains that go up the steep bluffs are always inviting to hikers.
The River welcomes swimmers, pleasure boaters and water skiers with open arms. Anglers vie for channel cat fish, crappie, large mouth bass and bluegill.
There are two distinct units at Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor Beach and Cattail Cove. Windsor beach is a day out park with all water crafted facilities. It is located in a wonderfully developed area in Lake Havasu City just North of the Famed imported old London Bridge.
Two and a half miles long and spread over 250 acres, Patagonia Lake State Park offers a variety of recreational outdoor activities. The lake is filled with catfish, bluegill, crappie and bass and in winter by rainbow trout.
Because of huge gatherings, water skiing and jet skiing are banned in summer weekends.
For anglers facilities of half of the lake is converted into a no-wake area. It offers water & electric hook ups, picnic places, a swimming beach and a marina store with boat rentals.
For any information about big hunting game contact Arizona’s Game and Fish department.
Hope your stay in Arizona is a very memorable one.

My ultralight flight over the Island of Kaua’i (Hawai’i)

December 7, 2008

This was only our third trip to this particular island. We had eight nights planned here before heading to the other islands.

We wanted to do some things that were more exciting than we had previously. And this ultralight flight fit the bill!

We originally contacted another company — which is highly praised in a famous travel guide for this island — that does this same type of tour. However strangely enough, the owner called us back on my cellphone the day before our scheduled flight to say that he had to cancel the reservation. He apologized and said it was “just one of those things”.

Although disappointed, we were not going to let this stop us.

We had seen an advertisement in “101 Things to Do” — Kaua’i edition — and decided to contact them. They had openings and we booked a 60-minute flight.

For insurance and FAA purposes, it is called a training flight. You are actually taught the basics of ultralight flying and it is up to you on just how much you want to learn (I actually got to control the craft several times while in flight).

On the day of our flight, we were talked into a more expensive 90-minute flight that spent more time down inside and around Kalalau Valley. We jumped at it! And, yes, it was a very smart decision because we really found it interesting. At $270 per person, it was a little steep, but it was well worth it.

Our flight started at Port Allen Airport. We flew over Waimea Town and then over Waimea Canyon. We got a bird’s-eye view of the famous Waimea Canyon Lookout — a very neat perspective. We went out over the water near Honopu Valley for a glorious view of N? Pali and then came back inland deep into Kalalau Valley. Then it was back out along N? Pali Coast. We skirted the coastline to Polihale, buzzed 20 feet off the deck of Barking Sands Beach, and then skirted the coast back to the airport.

This was a 90-minute flight that I will never forget!

I took over 100 photos while on the flight. I have used most of them in this video, which has the stills in motion and set to classical music.


We flew with Aero Trek Hawai’i (formerly Ultralight Adventures Kaua’i). The website is:

To see higher resolution stills used in this video, go here:

Note: We plan on doing this again during humpback season because we feel that the aerial view of the whales would be very intriguing.

Duration : 0:5:58

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