Adventuring in Arizona

April 7, 2010

Arizona has become quite the “hot” spot…literally. The state of Arizona is packed with adventures for every age. From the Grand Canyon, to the World Champion Diamondbacks, Arizona will not let you down.

If it’s a bit of history and culture you’re after, 14 different tribes of Indians fill over 19 million acres of Arizona’s land. The story of their past is brought to life through their art and cultural gatherings. Many tribes will actually let you watch and participate in their spiritual ceremonies. So if you’ve ever wanted to do a Snake Dance, here’s your chance! See how the Indian cultures are woven together and tied to the world around them.

Inches away from the San Francisco Peaks, lays the city of Flagstaff. Rich in a western legacy of ranchers, lumberman, and railroad workers, this mountain town has plenty to do and see. The clean mountain air and thousands of pine trees make Flagstaff very easy on the soul.

Although not as well known as Arizona’s majestic Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls is known as the Garden of Eden in the desert. You have to work for this one in a lifetime experience though. It takes 8 miles of hiking to reach the village of Supai…but it is well worth the effort. Turquoise waters against brilliant red rocks are a treat for the eye. Make reservations early because this is one coveted adventure.

Downtown Phoenix has recently doubled its population and its attractions. Golf courses are open year round and offer some of the best golfing in the country. Plentiful shopping sites can be found whether you are looking for Gucci or basement bargains. If you’re craving delicious Mexican food, Phoenix is the place to find it. With freeways lined with palm trees and the red cliffs hanging over the valley, Phoenix is a beautiful desert getaway.

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