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August 13, 2011 is an online portal that lists used aircrafts, airplanes, helicopters, cessna planes, cessna floatplanes, beechcraft, cirrus helicopters, piaggio planes, eurocopter and citation planes for sale. is the most trusted portal by dealers and brokers in the US and worldwide for listing their inventory of used airplanes and helicopters for sale to the public and government agencies.

Flying RC Aircraft with goggles following full scale Cessna

July 16, 2011

Flying first person view with onboard video system in RC aircraft following full scale Cessna 150. Speed 65 knts. Better toward end of video. 11-02-2007 Eldorado dry lake near Las Vegas NV. USA.

DORNA – Blue Bird – Iranian light Aircraft

July 13, 2011

The Blue Bird is a two-seat , side- by- side , all composite structure , very light airplane. It has a conventional low-wing with two spars, single-spar horizontal tail , monocoque fuselage,non-retractable tricycle type landing gear , cantilever self-spring composite main landing gear and tubular steel nose leg with Goodyear 5,00-5 types tires ( 6 ply on main wheels, 4 ply on nose wheel) with composite speed fairings on them and Cleveland main wheel brakes. It has the ability of short take off and landing (STOL). The cockpit design affords a good view, and has appropriate space, all most for two meter pilot. Blue Bird is the JAR-VLA aircraft with optional yoke or stick controls with big cockpit and doors in the market. Online in flight engine data recording , low operating costs, easy maintenance, no life structure, Adjustable rudder and seats with option of having stick or yoke control system. Blue Bird has 914F3 115 HP turbo charged with governor and constant speed three blade propeller. Max Speed at 14000 ft.= 280 km/h, 175 mph Operational Ceiling = 4265 m (14000 ft) Takeoff Run = 274 m (900 ft) Landing Run = 244 m (800 ft) Max Range = 1100 km, 680 mil Applications : * Flight Training School * Recreational flying * Private Aircraft * Postal purposes * Research flight

Required Aircraft Inspections – Pilot Training TV LIVE

May 12, 2011

PilotTraining.TV Required Aircraft Inspections

Win This Gobosh 700 Light Sport Aircraft LSA | AT-4

April 18, 2011

Come along on a quick flight in a Light Sport Aircraft and see how much fun this new category of aircraft offers. In the Denver area, visit to learn more. Enter to win a Gobosh just like this one at http The music in the video is Viva La Vida by Coldplay…

Glass Cockpit Safety in General Aviation Aircraft NTSB Hearing

April 13, 2011

Here is the NTSB Hearing on Glass Cockpits in GA aircraft and their affect on training and safety. SB-10-07 NTSB STUDY SHOWS INTRODUCTION OF GLASS COCKPITS IN GENERAL AVIATION AIRPLANES HAS NOT LED TO EXPECTED SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS Washington, DC Today the National Transportation Safety Board adopted a study concluding that single engine airplanes equipped with glass cockpits had no better overall safety record than airplanes with conventional instrumentation. The safety study, which was adopted unanimously by the Safety Board, was initiated more than a year ago to determine if light airplanes equipped with digital primary flight displays, often referred to as “glass cockpits,” were inherently safer than those equipped with conventional instruments. The study, which looked at the accident rates of over 8000 small piston-powered airplanes manufactured between 2002 and 2006, found that those equipped with glass cockpits had a higher fatal accident rate then similar aircraft with conventional instruments. The Safety Board determined that because glass cockpits are both complex and vary from aircraft to aircraft in function, design and failure modes, pilots are not always provided with all of the information they need both by aircraft manufacturers and the Federal Aviation Administration to adequately understand the unique operational and functional details of the primary flight instruments in their airplanes. NTSB Chairman Deborah AP Hersman highlighted the role that training

Fred Rohlfing Perfect Landing and Takeoff in Cessna 182 Aircraft at KFWB Branson West MO

April 1, 2011

Fred Rohlfing makes a perfect landing and takeoff at the new airport in Branson West Missouri KFWB in a Cessna 182 on March 6, 2011.

VTP — Private — Aircraft Performance Video

January 6, 2011 Gain theinformation you need to be a safe, competent and confident pilot with this in-depth, comprehensive ground school on Aircraft Performance. Brilliant animations, 3D graphics and special effects throughout along with expert instructors and terrific inflight footage make this a thoroughly entertaining and motivating learning experience. Video program contents Density Altitude; Takeoff Distance; Fuel Consumption; Crosswind Component; Landing Distance; Weight and Balance. Features an interview with renowned aviator and writer, Barry Schiff. Total running time = 47 minutes. Here is a 4 1/2 minute sample clip from the Aircraft Performance Lesson. It includes a chapter on the Crosswind Component. To purchase the full lesson, click the link below. To purchase the full length versions of all lessons in this series, see our Virtual Test Prep for Private Pilot in either Widescreen Edition, or Blu-ray.

First Flight in Remos GX Light Sport Aircraft

December 19, 2010

Michael Combs goes on his first of many, many flights as “The Flight for the Human Spirit” is progressing toward a flight that will be over 18400 miles in all fifty states. Michael describes how he never EVER gave up on his dream of flying, even when faced with an illness and a condition that would have left most people feeling hopeless. This is the discovery flight offered as part of the flight training from

ATP Flight School: Piper Seminole Multi-Engine Aircraft

December 18, 2010

ATP carries the world’s largest fleet of the Piper Seminole Multi-Engine Aircraft. Get a quick look at all of the Seminole’s impressive features, exclusively at ATP.

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