Simple Ideas For Fishing Outings in Alaska

August 3, 2010

Trying to plan for Alaska fishing vacations, especially if it’s your first time, can be a nightmare. From what to pack to where to go are all major decisions that can make or break your trip.
Alaska has the best fishing in the world, pristine wilderness, amazing landscapes and plentiful wildlife, so don’t let poor planning spoil your vacation. Keep reading for four great tips that will make your fishing expedition a success.
Prepare for Bug Battle
To avoid a mosquito nightmare, plan ahead by packing a high-quality mosquito net hat, long-sleeved shirts and pants free from holes. Look for clothing that offers ventilation, but has holes that are small enough to keep out the pesky bugs. You should also bring a strong, cream-based mosquito and bug repellent, and avoid depending on mosquito coils.
Pack Sunscreen
Alaska may be the Great North, but sunburns and sunstroke are a dangerous reality, one made all the more serious by cold nights. Keep safe with full-coverage clothing and a strong sun block. Pack enough to last the duration of your trip, and opt for a high 30+ SPF. Avoid a combination of sunblock and bug repellents.
Reserve Early
During the peak summer tourism seasons, places like Juneau, Anchorage and Flagstaff can book up fast. The area sees over a million tourists every year, many of whom are booking their own Alaska fishing vacations – meaning hotels will fill up, recommended charters will be reserved and you’ll be left wishing you had planned ahead. Don’t be disappointed – book your lodgings and charters well in advance.
Always Pack a Personal Survival Kit
Whether you’re on a fully catered luxury tour or a self-guided adventure expedition, you should always pack a small survival kit that can be carried in a vest or pocket at all times – in case you’re separated from your pack or tour group.
The kit should include purification pills, waterproof matches, chalk to make markings, a whistle, a granola bar, fishing line and hooks and a Ziploc bag for carrying water. You can pack it all in a metal tin or can, which can also be used to boil water.
Alaska fishing vacations are incredible adventures – whether you’re on a luxury tour or a solo expedition. The fish are massive, the rivers run clean and the wild nature is majestic. So, don’t spoil it by being unprepared or forgetting personal safety.
Three of the four recommendations above relate to your safety. This is an area of vacation planning that is easy to gloss over due to the excitement of the planned trip, the other preparations that take so much time, and the presumed unlikelihood of experiencing harmful circumstances. However, don’t fall prey to naivety – make the relatively minor effort to travel fully in tow with both your fishing equipment and safety precautions.
Remember – be prepared for bugs, stay sun safe, reserve ahead and always pack a personal survival kit. Your enjoyment of the great Alaskan outdoors will only be enhanced.

Cessna 172 Bush Landing in the Alaska mts

August 22, 2009

Landing my 172 in a cool spot out in the bush. Nice long stretch of a 4 wheeler trail I found to land on in the Talkeetna mountains, Alaska. Its nice and long, about 900 to 1000 ft but its at 2950 ft elevation which limits performance. Also you have terrain to outclimb on both ends.

Duration : 0:2:23

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Great Landing in Juneau, Alaska – Cessna 208 Caravan

August 7, 2009

The Descend and Landing on Juneau, means curving around the little Mountain that’s right in front of the runway, lining up and touching down right next to the Seaplanes. It’s on Board the most beautiful Prop: Cessna 208 Grand Caravan (Airline: Wings of Alaska). Also watch the terrain warning system diplayed on the artificial horizon. Enjoy!

Duration : 0:2:41

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Aviation News Today: Headlines 09.12.08

December 29, 2008

Peters- New Steps to Improve FAA’s Safety Program
House Hearing on the Passenger Watchlist
FAA Awards Controller Training Contract to Raytheon
Cargo radiation scanning starts at Dulles
DOT Awards Small Community Air Service Grants
TSA Issues Travel Advisory for Venezuela
AA says US capacity reductions permanent
UA Refutes Bankruptcy Report
DHL to pay $260 mln in severance
Continental Cuts Pilots
Alaska Airlines Equips Fleet with Runway Awareness Technology:
Sensis Multilateration System Operational At London Gatwick
Continental to Launch 3RD Daily NY-Heathrow Flight
Continental Plans New Routes
Horizon Links Sacramento to Santa Barbara
Air Canada to offer in-flight Internet service

Duration : 0:9:26

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