Flying Floats 1973 Vintage FAA Aviation Training Film

August 3, 2009

Flying Floats 1973 Vintage FAA Aviation Training Film

Duration : 0:19:13

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Wake Turbulence Avoidance – A Pilot and Air Traffic Controller Briefing 1995

July 23, 2009

Vintage Federal Aviation Administration training film.


Wake Turbulence Avoidance – A Pilot and Air Traffic Controller Briefing AVA19661VNB1, 1995

Video production using re-enactments and animation to illustrate the hazards and physical dynamics of wake turbulence caused by aircraft.

Duration : 0:24:16

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How Airplanes Fly 1968 Vintage Aviation Training Film

July 16, 2009

Department of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration

How Airplanes Fly

What makes an airplane get off the ground and stay in the air? Easy to understand film combines animation and live sequences to explain … all » basic aerodynamics. Forces of lift, weight, thrust and drag are shown in relation to flight.

Duration : 0:18:30

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Aero-TV Special Series: Understanding The Critical …

January 12, 2009

This Episode Features A Presentation By John Dixon, Director of Pilot Recruitment for American Eagle (Part 5 Of A Series)

We’ve been hearing about it for years… a pilot shortage… a critical one, at that. For many in the aviation community, it sounded like good news… at least if you were on the bottom rungs of the pilot hiring ladder and working desperately to climb your way up. However; after engaging in discussions thorough the industry over the last year and in attending a particularly pointed (and very well-organized) presentation at the FAA Forecast Conference some months ago, ANN and Aero-TV are left with the troubling impression that aviation has a BIG problem on its hands.

The session devoted to discussing the Pilot Supply was, as indicated earlier, exceptionally produced and wholly on target. The session was presented by Moderator Peter J. Wolfe, Executive Director, Professional Aviation Board of Certification (PABC), and augmented by presentations delivered by Kit Darby, President, AIR, Inc, Captain Paul Rice, First Vice President, Air Line Pilots ociation, International, Ron Levy, University Aviation ociation, John Dixon, Director of Pilot Recruitment for American Eagle.

The fourth presentation was presented by John Dixon, Director of Pilot Recruitment for American Eagle. Dixon provided the viewpoint taken by a major company that is hiring pilots now… and will definitely do so in the future. Dixon noted that since 2005, American Eagle’s new hire mean flight times have gone from 1500 hours total flight time with 300 hours of multi-engine stick time to 1000 hours of total flight time, of which 100 must be multi-engine. During that time American Eagle has trained over 800 new-hires, and has made significant changes to its training program to ensure the safety and standards of its new-hire pilots. They have added an 11th simulator training session, included 4 observation flights to the curriculum, and increased Initial Operating Experience from 25 hours to 50 hours.

Dixon …

Duration : 0:9:40

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ATCsimulator2 Demonstration

December 27, 2008

This is a demonstration of ATCsimulator2 using speech recognition. This is the most popular air traffic radar simulator for Windows. For more information, visit

Duration : 0:9:30

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Radar Video of F16 close call with GA aircraft

December 25, 2008

On March 21 two general aviation aicraft got the scare of their lives when an F16 apparently decided to chase them across the sky. The FAA has recently released a video showing the Radar and the audio of the incident. Look out for those MOAs!

Duration : 0:3:2

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Gleim Pilot Training Audiovisual — ATC and Airspace

October 12, 2008

Free Excerpt from Gleim’s Pilot Training Audio Visual on ATC and Airspace. Enhance your knowledge with Gleim.

Duration : 0:1:51

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