Tech 21 VT Bass with Telecaster

December 26, 2010 I reckon the VT Bass sounds pretty cool with guitar too. You have to wind the highs off a little but aside from that it’s got a real cool honk. Check it out.

Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass

November 23, 2010 Hey, I don’t pretend to call myself a bass player but I know a decent bottom end when I hear it. I think the VT Bass delivers just that. Check it out. A lot of people have asked me where they can get one of these basses. They are distributed by an Australian company called Central Musical Instruments and cost peanuts. A link, you ask? Sure. Try http It’s the MSB-1SB model – AUD$299.00 at time of writing.

the awakening acoustic bass solo

October 27, 2010

My attempt at “The Awakening” by the Reddings and later, Les Claypool. It’s incomplete as I’m still working on the last part of the song. Some parts are From the Reddings version, some from the Claypool version, and some are bits that I made up to fit. Played on a Fender Kingman Acoustic Bass, which sounds far better than my laptop mic would lead you to believe, and using a plectrum as that’s just how I roll! Be nice!

Fender Kingman Bass

August 7, 2010 Musik-Schmidt, Hanauer Landstrasse 338, 60314 Frankfurt, Germany Die Facts des Fender Kingman Bass: * Dreadnought Bass mit Cutaway * Mensur: 34″ (863.6 mm) * massive Fichtendecke * spezielles Akoustikbass X-Bracing * Boden und Zarge aus gespertem Mahagonie * Ahornhals * Palisandergriffbrett * Palisandersattel * Hardware: Chrom * Hochglanzlackierung * 20 Bünde * Saiten: D’Addario EXP PBB170 .045 auf .100 * Fishman Aero Preamp mit eingebautem Stimmgerät * kostenloser Check- und Einstell Service nach 1 Jahr