Megaman Battle Network 3 White V3 Navis Part 1

January 21, 2011

This is probably one of the few games I hate finding the V3 navis on. Cause they never really show up on this game and there’s that bubbleman and Darkman one. Note: At this point in the game I don’t care too much since I have all the mega chips I can get on this game except the Bowlman series. I’m just doing the V3 navis again just to show you all.

megaman battle network 3: serenade time trials pt.3

November 24, 2010

that was close (is talking about the MetalMan battle)

Megaman Battle Network 3 part 25-Semi Finals

August 31, 2010

Rematch with kingman.

megaman battle network 3: KingMan Alpha and Beta

July 10, 2010

*has used the Gameshark* hmmm this manual says that by using the gameshark my dark self will jump out of me every once in a while and cause a lot of chaos… PFFFFT who reads the manual anyways!

megaman battle network 3: KingMan Omega

June 23, 2010

*is listening to Digital strider* I thought that the internet music in MMBN6 was really bad but after listening for a while it’s not bad but it’s not that great either oh yeah that invis tip will be useful in MMBN4

Megaman Battle Network 3 part 22-Checkmate Kingman

May 31, 2010

Another video with commentary. Again tell me if I should continue with this or not. Kingman can be quite annoying especially his later versions. And to make things even harder, I get stuck with a crummy folder once I go to hades isle.