Kingman Blows Up

May 15, 2010

****WATCH THE TRAILER FIRST IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY**** An epic movie with action, adventure, romance, overused internet memes, and foots-being-shoved-up-asses (with bad grammar used on purpose.) You are NOT getting RickRolled. That was just for comedic effect, do not close the video after the 1.5 second RickRoll. There will be MORE after this. Yes, MORE! There will be a second part. Next time, Mario is going to be the one searching for his brother. For your information: -In part 2, there will be more pooping than in what you saw at the end. I just needed to finish it quickly. I promise the insult battle between Luigi and Magickoopa will be a lot more epic. -In my opinion, this poop was very good, but not great. It was entertaining, but still not totally entertaining. It can’t be perfect, so I think it deserves the 4 star rating Some history of Kingman Blows Up: Kingman blows up was a Youtube Poop I made back when I was tmfiore. If you watched the original, you might realize that the remake was funnier than the original. Although the remake is funnier, the original was a spark of my creativity. I just opened Sony Vegas, dragged Mama Luigi in there, and just did whatever came to my mind. The original is what inspiried me to keep making content for the internet.. Hell, someone commented on the old video and said it was one of the best poops ever made. No joke. The video isn’t here anymore, along with a lot of my old poops. The term “Kingman” was what I used