BNSF intermodal with distributed power

January 11, 2011

BNSF 5391 is on the point of this 123-car loaded stack train as it descends through Flagstaff, AZ. BNSF 4137 was trailing the lead unit and BNSF 4887 and 4309 were the DPUs. This was the third intermodal of the day that had distributed power. Filmed on 6-24-07 at 1414 hours.

BNSF Stack Train with CSX Power – Flagstaff, Arizona

November 25, 2010

BNSF passing through Flagstaff, Arizona during the summer of June 2007 Thanks For Watching and Enjoy!

BNSF Vehicle Train with an ex-Santa Fe GP60M Leading and a Leslie RS3L Horn! – Flagstaff, Arizona

November 21, 2010

BNSF heading through Flagstaff, Arizona during the summer of June 2007 Thanks For Watching and Enjoy!

Santa Fe Meets BNSF in Flagstaff, Arizona

November 2, 2010

BNSF Local Freight and BNSF Intermodal Freight in Flagstaff, Arizona in June 2007 Thanks For Watching and Enjoy!

BNSF Flagstaff Meets – Part Three

October 28, 2010

One of the first-order ES44AC units leads an eastbound trailer train through Flagstaff. Some foreign tourists smashed a few coins and decide to throw a party on the tracks as a westbound approaches. This was also the last time I used this video camera, since it was old and pretty busted (check out how the zoom sticks). Taken on 8/7/05.

Railfanning BNSF Trains Thru Flagstaff

October 14, 2010

Several Interesting Manifests that were caught by Liam. Train 1 :Rare BNSF SD70ACe 9328 leads a Z-Train thru Flagstaff. rare to see these since they’re usually on Coal Trains Train 2: BNSF ES44DC 7545 Leads a 4 Unit Manifest train westbound with a reletively clean ATSF Warbonnet! Train 3: BNSF ES44DC 7319 leads another westbound Z-Train Through Flagstaff, AZ Train 4: BNSF C44-9W leads a 4 unit manifest with an NS Runthrough unit, NS CW44-9 something or other. That is all. COMMENT and RATE!

BNSF on the Transcon in Flagstaff, AZ

October 12, 2010

The station in Flagstaff, AZ is one of the greatest places in the west to sit and watch trains. Plenty of traffic, multiple grade crossings, and being up close to the rails – legally! This is filmed in Summer 2004 and is something I pulled out of the archives just for You Tube. I was going to produce an AZ train DVD, but an accident with all the film left me not much to work with. This is one thing that survived.

An Hour on BNSF in Flagstaff, Arizona. 7-24-10.

August 15, 2010

My last visit to Flagstaff, Arizona before heading back home to New York was for a brief hour on Saturday, July 24th. 3 trains rolled through town during this time, which is pretty decent for BNSF’s busy Seligman Subdivsion. Enjoy! Train 1…………10:01 AM First up is a westbound stack train, fresh off the crew change point in Winslow, about 30 miles down the line. This guy was hauling coming into town, but unfortunatley the engineer backed off the throttle as he approached us. BNSF ES44DC #7811 BNSF C44-9W #5105 BNSF ES44DC #7495 BNSF ES44DC #7528 Train 2……….10:08 AM Shortly after, we see another stack train, led by a 4-pack of one of the best locomotives ever built. I could have sworn that the conductor was a twin brother of Hugh Rollen, from History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers. BNSF ES44DC #7599 BNSF ES44DC #7411 BNSF ES44DC #7340 BNSF ES44DC #7440 Train 3………..10:21 AM And the last train I would see in Arizona comes through next with more awesome power. BNSF ES44DC #7845 BNSF ES44DC #7613 BNSF ES44DC #7307 BNSF ES44DC #7617 On the way down the old Route 66, we pass a local tied up for the morning. Two former Santa Fe GP60’s (or GP39-2s, I couldn’t tell) and a freshly painted H3 B40-8W, also a former ATSF unit, are the power. They’re assigned to the daily Flagstaff-Winslow local job. Seeing a BNSF B40-8W is rare these days, as the majority are being stored in Barstow, California. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think and please take a second to

BNSF Mix Frieght Train going through Kingman canyon ,AZ

July 27, 2010

BNSF Mix Freight Train going through Kingman canyon ,AZ. it was a nice train to film.

BNSF Stack Train

July 22, 2010

A westbound stack train descends the hill and rounds the curve in Kingman Canyon, west of Kingman Arizona.

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