July 23, 2011

Captain Eley Borge “JEPP” Jeppesen, Jan. 28, 1907 – November 26, 1996. Part wo of video shown at the memorial service shortly after his death. Jepp received numerous plaques and awards over the years, but he was most proud of the letters he received from pilots who said, “Jepp, you saved my life, made my flying safer and easier, and given me great confidence on those dark, stormy nights.” • Began flying as a barnstormer with Tex Rankin’s Flying Circus. • Flew for Fairchild Aerial Survey, photographing the Mississippi Delta area around New Orleans. • In the 1930’s, Jepp realized the need for accurate navigational aids for pilots. Before this innovation, pilots relied on Rand-McNally Road maps. Highlighted landmarks, elevations of obstructions and airport runways while flying mail runs. • Manuals prove effective, and United Airlines bought the charts for their pilots. • During World War II, “Jepp Charts” were adapted by the Navy as their standard flight manual. • After World War II – USAF and World’s Commercial Airlines contracted Jepp’s manuals and navigation charts. Biography Enshrined 1990 1907-1996 Elrey Borge Jeppesen’s aviation career spanned more than 60 years. He is famous for his development of manuals and charts that allow pilots worldwide to fly safely. After buying an Eaglerock, Jeppesen joined Tex Rankin’s Flying Circus in Portland, Oregon. He barnstormed his way down to Dallas and obtained a job flying for Fairchild Aerial Surveys, photographing the entire