Pilot Training Institutes ? The Breeding Ground for Budding Pilots

March 15, 2010

Flying an aircraft is no mean task. It requires extensive training – both practical and theoretical. Lately, flying an aircraft has been considered as that for the adventurous and courageous types and has generated a lot of interest. This has resulted in mushrooming of pilot training institutes all over India.

Pilot Training Institutes train an individual on the various skills required to fly an aircraft. It teaches a pilot the process of flying an aircraft through the air with proper direction and control. It also teaches the students to understand the weather forecasts. A qualified pilot is supposed to be an expert in leading his crew and the passengers even in trying circumstances and a leader par excellence. Besides academic qualifications, a commercial pilot should have a sound mind in a healthy body, lot of courage, determination and self-confidence. There are quite a good number of flying schools in India that are recognized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and provide excellent training to individuals aspiring to become pilots.

One such pilot training institute is Chimes Aviation Academy, which boasts of providing pilot training on Cessna 172 and is also one of the best aviation academies in the country. Cessna 172 is one of the most popular flight training aircraft in the world. Beating the other aircrafts hands down, a Cessna plane has stood testament to time and held its ground as one of the most dependable and user friendly airplane in the industry.

This has made Chimes Aviation Academy as the breeding ground for commercial pilots.

Benefits of Pilot Training Institutes The primary benefit of these pilot training institutes is that it helps the aspirant obtain a Commercial Pilot License. Commercial Pilot License authorizes the pilot to fly both passenger planes and cargo planes. Thus, these pilot training institutes enable commercial pilot to be well aware of his responsibilities which include mastery and control over the equipments and machines he handles, the ability to chart out flight timings and schedules and above all the dexterity and mental strength to land an aircraft to safety. With the opening up of the private sector for airline operations, the opportunities for commercial pilots have amplified by leaps and bounds leading to increase in the popularity of commercial pilot training courses in India.

Pilot training institutes also train the pilots to fly in international skies. With globalization, economic liberalization and a boom in the aviation industry, commercial pilots have got plenty of job opportunities in airline companies both within and outside India. However, a commercial pilot needs to have a certificate for flying in the country he chooses. With the highest number of airlines, the US is the most desired destination for most commercial pilots. Even UK, Australia and some European countries can also be happy hunting grounds for ambitious commercial pilots.

To conclude, the boom in the aviation sector and further opening up of the economy, these pilot training institutes are here to stay. It would not be a surprise if in near future, we see opening up of more top grade training institutes like Chimes Aviation Academy. Thus, average pilot training institutes should buckle up in order to compete with Chimes Aviation Academy type pilot training institutes as more competition is bound to come.

This article is based on my experiences and knowledge as a pilot training student at Chimes Aviation Academy (CAA – http://www.caaindia.com/ )