Can’T We Make Cents In A Down Economy?

February 20, 2010

Ten years ago hand sanitizers were used only in hospitals. Between 2004 and 2005 the sale of hand sanitizers increased 54% to $67.3 million. This is because Americans are unrealistically worried about germs. The human body contains approximately 100 trillion cells and 90% of those are germs. Most of those germs are bacteria that live in the digestive tract, where they break down food, secure nutrients and protect us from the minority of disease-causing germs. According to microbiologists, humans would be dead within 2 weeks if we were germ-free. Instead of wringing our hands with worry about germs, we should be washing our hands regularly. The County of Los Angeles has the largest sheriffs’ department in the world, but since 2004 more than 12 deputies have been accused of brandishing or shooting a gun while under the influence of alcohol. In 2008 more than 60 deputies were arrested on alcohol-related charges – most for driving under the influence – and most were armed. Although the sheriff wants to prohibit his off-duty deputies from carrying their weapons when drinking, the deputies’ union opposes the restriction because criminals would know when the deputies were unarmed – but isn’t forewarned forearmed?In its ad on Saturday Night Live, Starbucks announced that it would give a free cup of coffee to anyone who came into one of their stores on Election Day 2008 and said, “I voted”. Unfortunately, some states have laws that prohibit giving gifts to voters. Although these laws are intended to prevent the influencing of voters, Starbucks’ lawyers were concerned that the company’s free coffee offer could violate election laws. As a result, anyone requesting a free cup of coffee on Election Day got one – and maybe the coffee should have been served with straws because political correctness can suck. The eternal flame at the new Veterans Memorial Park in Bullhead City, Arizona was lit for the first time on Veterans Day 2008. Then it was extinguished on January 5th because of a $961 gas bill. After complaints from veterans groups who had worked to pay for and build the memorial, the flame was back on 4 days later. According to the city, there had been some miscommunication – they’d never intended to turn it off. Now the city’s looking for a smaller burner for the flame, planning to use the large burner only on special occasions. They’re hoping to save both face and money.